Last week, we were lucky enough to be invited to Oliver Brown to sample some items from their menu. We took Mr 10 along with us to fulfil every child’s dream of chocolate for dinner. We visited the Auburn café, but this Western Sydney based business also has a whopping 28 other cafes in Sydney so you are sure to find one near you and we suggest you visit it ASAP.

As we walked in to the Auburn Oliver Brown café and admired the rustic timber interiors with the splash of OB’s signature green and brown geometric pattern, Mr 10 proudly declared ‘I’m going to gain 50 pounds tonight!’ Well, at least he certainly tried as he managed to out eat us all in chocolate. You can’t blame him though. There were so many delicious treats to try. First up, there was the chocolate fondue. Elegantly served on a timber tray and a very regal looking dipping fork, the dippers were marshmallows, strawberries and sliced banana. The menu also has options for extras such as banana bread or popping candy! Mr 10 washed that all down with the Sneaky Snickers iced chocolate. He polished this off without even letting us have a sip!

Choc Fondue Oliver Brown Chocolate Cafe Oliver Brown Chocolate Cafe Snickers Shake Oliver Brown Chocolate Cafe

That’s okay though, because we didn’t share our smooth cappuccino or dreamy affogato with him (seriously, I can’t stop thinking about that affogato). Rather than chocolate powder, the cappuccino is decorated with a pattern of melted Belgium chocolate as is the rich, velvety hot chocolate. While we were enjoying our drinks, we had the opportunity to meet Oliver Brown’s General Manager of Marketing, David Kwag, who told us that Oliver Brown import their chocolate from Belgium as they believe it is of the best quality. This is vital as according to David, Oliver Brown is all about offering customers these three things: quality chocolate, indulgence and a place where everyone is welcome – from corporates having business meetings, to friends catching up, mothers looking for somewhere to breastfeed and families taking the kids out for a treat. While their chocolate is imported, their gelato, cakes and coffee are all locally supplied. Hooray for locals supporting locals!

Hot Choc Cap Oliver Brown Chocolate Cafe Hot Choc Oliver Brown Chocolate Cafe Affagato Oliver Brown Chocolate Cafe

We also felt a little less guilty when David told us that it is not uncommon for people to order a second dessert when dining at Oliver Brown. Well if you’re going to indulge, you may as well do it properly! And with that we tasted our next desserts. There was the grilled banana walnut waffle (the crunch of the walnuts is what makes this), the choc mountain (a huge serving of gelato, chocolate walnut brownie, whipped cream and chocolate sauce that David says noone has ever finished on their own) and the churros (baked, not fried!). Everything was simply amazing!

Waffle Oliver Brown Chocolate Cafe Choc Mountain Oliver Brown Chocolate Cafe Churros Oliver Brown Chocolate Cafe

Oliver Brown is not the place to visit if you’re on a diet because, as mentioned before, it is all about indulgence. It does, however, cater for gluten intolerance. We took home a gluten free slice for one of the boys at home which he devoured in a matter of seconds.

Tea Slice Oliver Brown Chocolate Cafe Slice Oliver Brown Chocolate Cafe Sign Oliver Brown Chocolate Cafe

Thanks Oliver Brown for this incredible experience. We love seeing Western Sydney businesses thrive and we love chocolate! Dessert for dinner needs to happen a little more frequently.

Location: Cnr Harrow Road and Queen Street, Auburn 2144
Phone: 9643 1480
Hours: Monday to Friday 7am to midnight, Saturday to Sunday 8am to midnight
Price: Desserts range from $6 to $20

Disclaimer: Our meal was compliments of Oliver Brown. Views expressed in the post are our own.