Since moving out of home 6 months ago I’ve quickly come to realise how expensive groceries can be. You can duck down to the local supermarket to pick up a few things for dinner and easily end up spending $50. A great tip that mum has taught me is to look in the quick sale meat section at the supermarket to see what’s on sale. Quite often you can grab something that’s hugely discounted just because it is nearing the use by date. Recently I bought a 600g beef tenderloin for just $6, which was marked down from $16! Here’s what I did with it.

Beef Wellington
Recipe adapted from Not Quite Nigella’s recipe for Easy Individual Beef Wellingtons.

Serves: 2 -3
Cooking and prep: 1 hour

600g beef tenderloin
200g mushrooms
Half an onion
1 clove garlic
2 sprigs thyme
Knob of butter
Glug of olive oil
Salt and pepper
8 slices of prosciutto
1 tablespoon of wholegrain mustard
2 sheets of frozen puff pastry
1 whisked egg

1. Turn on your oven to 200 degrees (fan forced) and line a baking tray with baking paper.
2. Whiz up the mushrooms, garlic, onion and thyme, plus some salt and pepper, in a food processor until all very finely chopped together.
3. Add some olive oil and the butter to a hot pan and cook the mushroom mixture (the fancy name for this is mushroom duxelles) until the moisture has mostly evaporated. This may take around 10 minutes. Then set aside on to a plate with paper towel to cool and absorb any excess moisture.

Mushroom Duxelle Beef Wellington Mushroom Duxelle Beef Wellington Mushroom Duxelle Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington Mushroom Duxelle Beef Wellington Mushroom Duxelle Beef Wellington

4. While the mushroom mixture if cooling, generously smother your piece of beef with olive oil and salt, and then sear all sides in a hot pan. Set asides to cool.
5. Lay out a piece cling film with the slices of prosciutto, ready to wrap the beef.

Beef Wellington Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington Proscuitto Beef Wellington

6. Spread the mushroom mixture over the prosciutto.
7. If there has any string holding your beef together, remove it and then spread the mustard over the beef.
8. Place the beef on the prosciutto and wrap up your beef, using the cling wrap to secure.

Mustard Beef Wellington Mustard Spreading Beef Wellington Beef Wellington

9. Place wrapped beef in the fridge for about 10 minutes to hold its shape.
10. Lay out your two squares of frozen puff pastry, let them defrost and join them at one edge using water, so it will be big enough to wrap the beef in.
11. Take your beef out from the fridge, take off the cling wrap and then wrap it up again, this time in the pastry.
12. Cut off any excess pieces of pastry and use them to make a shape to decorate the top of your wellington.
13. Brush the pastry with the whisked egg, place on your tray and put into the oven for about half an hour of until your puff pastry is golden brown.

Beef Wellington Beef Wellington Beef Wellington

14. Leave to rest for about 15 minutes then dig in! I served my beef wellington with steamed greens and homemade red wine gravy.

 Beef Wellington Recipe Beef Wellington Recipe Beef Wellington Recipe

Beef Wellington Recipe Beef Wellington Recipe Beef Wellington Recipe