Last weekend, we spent three amazing days in Melbourne.  While my husband and Mr 10 were keen to cheer on Real Madrid in the European soccer, I was excited to check out the Melbourne food scene. Even though we were only there for a short time, we discovered there's a lot to love about Melbourne!


Melbourne city SK rm1 Melbourne tram 

We stayed in trendy St Kilda, my absolute favourite Melbourne suburb. We found a cosy little apartment on Airbnb which was more spacious and cheaper than a motel room. We were surrounded by all the famed St Kilda icons, Luna Park, The Palais Theatre, St Kilda Beach and the arty St Kilda Community Gardens. Oh and our unit had cookbooks and a tagine, you don't see that in a hotel room!

La Roach Cafe St Kilda St Kilda St Kilda Palais

St kilda veg out community gardens SK VOgnomes SK cb1

Directly at the back of our unit was St Kilda's famous Acland Street. Acland Street is lined with hip colourful cafes, cake shops and restaurants, you would need a week to try them all. 

cakeshops in st Kilda SK abby SK Vslice

Our St Kilda food experiences included the eight dollar breakfast at La Roche Cafe, Krugal from Monarch Cakes and some delicious chips with curry gravy from Mammy's Boy Chips!

La Roche Cafe St Kilda La Roche St Kilda Breakfast breakfast SK breakfast2

Monarch Cakes St Kilda Mammy boys chips St Kilda  SK tea

When the boys headed off the soccer, I had my own fun by popping into the Melbourne Restaurant Rev. The Chanel 7 camera filmed me photographing my dinner so I might pop up on the tele . I had slow cooked wallaby shank with chick pea pasta and a side of steamed greens. It was a  nice dinner at Scarfo but, my hopes are pinned on Dom in Western Sydney to win !! 

St Kilda Restaurant Rev SK scarfo Melbourne restaurant Rev

St Kilda’s Beach Road led us down to Brighton where a colourful row of bathing boxes curve around Brighton Beach. It was a bit chilly for swimming, but never too cold for gelato. In the car park we found an ice cream truck with biggest selection of iced treats I have ever seen. The boys could not resist treating their sweet tooth here,  so guess what they had for lunch.

Brighton bathing boxes Brighton beach gelato Brightpn Beach

Melbourne Brighton Beach bathing boxes brighton beach Bathing boxes Brighton Beach

The MCG is one of the best sporting arenas in the world. We joined a behind the scenes tour and were shown all the members and player areas (including the player lockers) in the ground.



MCG cricketerswalk MCG commentates MCG lockers

We found out the MCG has the biggest sports library in the world!  I was gobsmacked when I saw where the cricket players go when they break for tea. I always thought it would look like a fancy dining hall, but it’s actually a cold looking cafeteria!

 MCG long MCG CDining MCG Sports Library

I had a coffee in the Paddock Cafe while the boys ventured into the Australian sports museum.  I eventually found them having a great time in the huge interactive sports area ,“Game On”. We also checked out the vast collection of MCG sporting memorabilia on display.

MCG  paddock cafe MCG paddock cafe MCG gameon


MCG Gameon MCG gameon3 MCG Museummedals

Choosing a restaurant for dinner in the “Little Italy” of Lygon Street was a fun but bizare experience. This place will remain memorable more for the theatre than the food. We were spruiked, serenaded and even bribed by the numerous restaurant owners hoping we would choose their food that night.

Lygon Street LY street LY seranaderLygon Street 

In the end we took pot luck and enjoyed some honest antipasto and homemade gnocchi in one of the many places that spruiked us the deal of a free glass of wine.

Lygon Street Ly gnocctom LY cheesegnocc

There was also plenty coffee, dessert, chocolate and other cuisines on Lygon street, you have to try it at least once.


It almost killed me to walk around the Queen Victoria markets and not do the weekly shopping. This place is the markets of my dreams. Melbourne you are so lucky. I had to practice restraint as I wandered along rows of beautifully presented produce, then a hall filled with quality meat and poultry.

Queen Victiria Markets Queen Victoria Markets VM Beans

Queen Victoria Markets meat VM duck VM Roo

The jewel in Queen Victoria’s crown was the deli hall! I stood mesmerised by the hall's beautifully maintained art deco features before I wandered down the aisles to select my lunch. There was so much deliciousness in this hall, it's hard to tell the story in a few pictures, but you will get the idea.

Queen Victoria Markets Deli Hall Queen Victoria Markets Deli Hall Queen Victoria Markets Deli Hall


Queen Victoria Markets Deli Hall Queen Victoria Markets Deli Hall Queen Victoria Markets Deli Hall


Queen Victoria Markets Deli Hall Queen Victoria Markets Deli Hall Queen Victoria Markets Deli Hall


Queen Victoria Markets Deli Hall Queen Victoria Markets Deli Hall QVM salmonrollQueen Victoria Markets Deli Hall

We didn’t limit our adventure to the inner city, we hired a car and drove out to Frankston. Once a holiday village, Frankston is now a city in its own right. We didn't stay long but saw enough to want to return and explore more of Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula.

Queen Victoria Markets Deli Hall mornington

I had another reason to visit Frankston. My long time YouTube cooking hero, David Mooney, has recently opened a French restaurant in his home town. David has just completed several months renovating and redecorating his restaurant in a soft French decor. It’s looking amazing! We popped in for afternoon tea as I wanted to say hello and thanks for all the cooking inspiration I have gained via David's you tube channel, Mooney’s Kitchen.

Clair De Lune Frankston Hot choc clair de lune Clair De Lune Frankston 

There are over 100 easy but impressive recipes on Mooney’s Kitchen. I highly recommend you check it out if you are looking for some inspiration like I was. If you are in Frankston, let David do the cooking for you at Clair De Lune, he is incredibly passionate about good food and good cooking! I can't wait to go back and try his duck shepherds pie!

clair De Lune Frankston F CDLDM Mooneys Kichen

My scientist Brother Jason and his wife Paula recently relocated to Melbourne for work. They have eaten all around the world so when they recommend a restaurant you know it's going to be good. Our final night in Melbourne was spent in their wonderful company at Oakleigh’s Mezedakia enjoying several rounds of tasty Greek tapas!! I wanted more of the lettuce leaf dolmades stuffed with mince and rice. I loved how simple ingredients spoke for themselves on plates of marinated mushrooms, delicious tender beetroot and deep fried zucchini balls.

Mez dolmadi Mezedakia MEZedakia

We also had some lemony chicken wings with just the right balance of lemon and oregano. Dessert was a warm pastry custard dish drenched with orange blossom syrup. I shared one with Mr 10 which led to a bit of a spoon fight!

Mezedakia Mezedakia Mezedakia

It was a great way to end our weekend before jetting back home to Western Sydney. Thank you Melbourne for a great weekend!