Mr 10 and I have been avid viewers of the reality show, Restaurant Revolution on Channel Seven. We have always thought Sydney’s Restaurant Rev has the best team, go Dom! We are pretty excited that the Sydney Rev is close by in Parramatta, this weekend we were finally able to to check it out. It was interesting to compare dinner at Somewhere Nice to my previous meal at Scarfo in Melbourne, a few weeks ago.

 fountain menu somewhere nice

We arrived at Parramatta’s Centenary Square an hour early to avoid being at the end of the queue. We made it just in time to be first in line, other diners started arriving directly after us. When the doors opened at 6pm, Dom came outside  and welcomed us all to Somewhere Nice! Within minutes the restaurant was full and we were sitting reading menus deciding what to eat.

 menu2 Somewhere Nice

The dinner menu at Somewhere Nice offered a set price 3 course meal for 65 dollars. There were 3-4 selections for each course. I was able to order a child’s meal for Mr 10 by asking the waitress if there were children's meals available. There was no wine list as all Restaurant Revs are BYO. I opted for water but as a treat ordered the house made passionfruit soda for Mr 10. It was made from real passionfruit, I thought he would object to the seeds but he loved it. I was happy that it wasn't sugary sweet.

 Somewhere Nice / Restaurant Revolution mewhere Nice / Restaurant Revolution

For entree I chose Troys mushrooms. These were presented three ways with a 60 degree egg yolk and crispy potato slice on top. I would be happy to eat this again tomorrow for breakfast. It was very tasty. Mr 10’s main arrived with my entree. His trout with polenta chips and salad looked pretty amazing for a kids meal! There was practically nothing left on his plate when he was done. I think that says it all.

 mewhere Nice / Restaurant Revolution mewhere Nice / Restaurant Revolution

My main was the simple sounding lamb and veg. A medium rare lamb fillet sat on a smooth pumpkin puree surrounded by perfectly steamed broccoli and sweet roasted beetroot. The lamb was super tender. I really enjoyed this dish for the vegetables as much as the lamb, every ingredient on my plate spoke for itself. You don't need to do a lot to good quality produce to make a decent dish, I compliment Dom for sourcing his ingredients from an actual grower.

lambandveg mewhere Nice / Restaurant Revolution 

We had the chocolate ganache and chai pannacotta for dessert. The intention was to share and enjoy a bit from each plate. Sharing dessert with Mr 10 always ends up in a spoon fight and he always wins. What I did manage to taste was delicious. The Ganache was pleasantly light and the pannacotta smooth and silky. It was hard to pick a favourite but the pannacotta won me over with it's chilli chocolate soil and sweet pear complimenting the chai.

mewhere Nice / Restaurant Revolution mewhere Nice / Restaurant Revolution ganache

Before we left we popped into the feedback room, wouldn’t it be amazing if all restaurants had one of these! Mr 10 gave Dom and the team the thumbs up and described the food as top notch saying it was the best meal he has had (I hope he meant in a restaurant) . Take note restaurant owners, here is proof that kids are expecting more than chicken nuggets on a kids menu these days. l added that the service was good, the wait staff on duty were very accommodating. Dinner for the two of us was $99.00 which I thought was reasonable.

mewhere Nice / Restaurant Revolution mewhere Nice / Restaurant Revolution

So how did Sydney’s Somewhere Nice compare to Scarfo in Melbourne? Dom, you have nothing to worry about! I only ordered a main at Scarfo, wallaby shank with chick pea pasta with a side of steamed greens. It was a nice dinner but I enjoyed Dom's lamb and veg more! Dom’s focus on fresh flavoursome produce on his menu puts him ahead in the race.  As far as we're concerned Dom, you're already a winner. 

mewhere Nice / Restaurant Revolution mewhere Nice / Restaurant Revolution