This year, Blacktown City Libraries hosted their first ever Western Sydney Multicultural Food Festival and we were lucky enough to be invited! Not only did we attend the Festival, but we also had the opportunity to give a talk to library goers at Max Webber Library in Blacktown. The focus of our talk was ‘Why we blog about food in Western Sydney’. There are five main reason for why we blog about food in Western Sydney. They are:

Reason #1: The awesome eateries: The restaurants in Western Sydney offer good value, unpretentious, delicious multicultural food! We are racing to keep up with the fast growing cafe scene right across the suburbs.

1 El Jannah 1 NoodleHouse 1 Greek 

1 BauT 1 Dougies 1 mokoji 

1 ristretto 1 Jamals 1 Espresso 

1 stonecutters 1 Wenty 1 canton 1 Spice 1 Candeloris 1 PaperPlane 

Reason #2: The unique local food artisans:  You may be surprised by whats on offer from the talented food artisans of Western Sydney. We have found everything from jam to sake made locally. We were thrilled that  Zokoko Chocolate, Fine Fettle, Oak Road Providore, Enniskillen Orchard and Conner's Kitchen Spices were able to provide us with some delicious display items for our presentation. These items became our lucky door prize, a very lucky winner took home the ultimate Western Sydney food hamper!

 BL p4 

BL zokoko fine fettle flats Oakroad 

conners kitchen and garden 2 Goshu BL Jam

Reason #3: The fresh local produce: The Sydney Fresh Food Markets is the epicentre of fresh produce in Sydney. The atmosphere is buzzing from 5am each Saturday. Hit the road and do a food tour of the Hawkesbury farm gates or visit a pick your own farm. Scattered among the western suburbs are loads of markets and fresh food shopping gems.

Sydney Markets  bilpin apples  BL WF2

Dural organicfarmshop  farmstall BL FM 

Reason #4: To share our recipes:   We are constantly inspired by the exotic ingredients we find locally and love to cook with these each week. Hopefully sharing our recipes encourages others to try them too. We demonstrated a recipe from our blog, the most amazing pizza dough. It's so easy, you have to try it!

breadfruit pawpaw salad  BL WSF 

4 roastpork  curried sausages BL Pizza1

Reason #5: The fun food events:  There are so many dates to mark on the calendar! The Good Food and Wine Show, Parramatta Lanes, Paramassala, Flavours of Auburn, Fairfield Carnivale, Sweet As, Parklands, Bankstown Bites, just to name a few. These events are always filled with colour, flavour and the opportunity for a new taste experience.

BL FES Royal Sydney Easter Show Ethiopean coffee 

autumnharvest  bankstownbites BL vegfest 

Parramatta Lanes 5 parramsala 5 westersydfoodfest

 We are so grateful to Blacktown City Libraries for giving us this opportunity and for the locals that came along to the presentation. It was something we’ve never done before and we definitely learnt a lot from the experience. We also hope that those that attended took away a new appreciation for the incredible food that Western Sydney has to offer. We certainly are proud to live in Western Sydney and feel extremely lucky to have such a diverse range of food options right on our doorstep!