I saw these easy to make quiches on a Facebook page and thought they were genius. The recipe uses stand 'n' stuff tortilla shells instead of pastry for the base. They will save you a heap of time and are healthier too! When I compared the nutritional values of the tortilla shells to my frozen shortcrust pastry, I got a nice surprise. The tortillas had a lot less kilojoules, fat, carbs and sodium per serve. Quiche is now back on the menu at our house!


You will find the stand 'n' stuff tortillas in the Mexican food section of the supermarket. They are shaped like a little boat and are the prefect size for individual serves.

Old El Paso Stand 'n' Stuff Tortillas  Old El Paso Stand 'n' Stuff Tortillas

I haven't stated fillings in the recipe. Make these quiches to your own taste or just use whatever bits and pieces you have on hand. Making several small quiches allows you to vary the flavours. I used up the remnants from Christmas in mine. I had ham, smoked salmon, chives, cheese, baby spinach and cherry tomatoes in the fridge. The perfect ingredients for quiches.


Stand and Stuff Quiches

Serves 6-8

Oven: moderately slow - 160 C fan forced


stand 'n' stuff quiche

1 packet stand 'n' stuff tortilla shells

8 eggs

300mls light cooking cream

quiche fillings of your choice

1 cup grated tasty cheese

fresh herbs




 stand 'n' stuff quiche  stand 'n' stuff quiche

1. Pre heat oven to 160 C FF.

2. Pace tortilla shells on a lined baking tray, slightly apart.

3. Crack eggs into a mixing bowl, pour in cream, add a few grinds of pepper and mix gently to combine.

4. Distribute quiche fillings evenly among the 8 tortilla shells.

5. Sprinkle some herbs into each shell.

5. Add a portion of grated cheese to each shell. Use approx half the cheese, set the other half aside.

6. Carefully pour egg mixture into each tortilla. Check each has an even amount, adjust if necessary.

7. Top with remaining cheese.

8. Bake for approx 35 mins or until the egg mixture sets.

stand 'n' stuff quiche  stand 'n' stuff quiche  stand 'n' stuff quiche

The tortilla is nice and crispy around the edges when the quiche is eaten fresh out of the oven. It goes well with a nice green salad.


Here are my tips for successful quiches:


  • When mixing egg and cream together, avoid incoperating too much air or your quiche may end up bubbly.


  •  Sauté bacon or any raw vegetables prior to using them in a quiche. Cook just enough to remove the rawness, add them to the quiche shell after they have cooled.


  • Eggs toughen at higher cooking temperatures, cook quiches lower and slower.


  • To avoid overcooking, pull quiches out of the oven as soon as they have set. 


  • Leftover quiche is not  suitable to reheat in the microwave, use the oven instead.