Easy Lane at Windsor RSL has taken club dining to a whole new level. Erase the images of two for one rump steaks or Chinese buffets out of your head and instead picture fresh seafood, an extensive drinks menu and a gorgeous beer garden setting.


easy Lane Windsor  Easy Lane Windsor  Easy Lane Windsor    

Mum and I arrived at Easy Lane on a warm autumn morning and spent some time admiring the beautiful greenery and décor of the outdoor eatery as we waited for the lunch menu to start. While the café is quite new, the array of potted plants that are growing around the place give it an established and inviting feel. This type of beer garden makes it unique compared to other cafes and restaurants in Western Sydney.

Easy Lane Windsor  Easy Lane Windsor   Easy Lane Windsor

We spent some time perusing the menu – particularly the drinks menu. There is quite a variety of beverages on offer at Easy Lane, from creative cocktails, to craft beers on tap, as well as an international wine list and of course, coffee. I opted for the watermelon mocktail. It was a lovely refreshing, sweet, icey blend of watermelon and mint. Mum ordered a glass of the Californian chardonnay, Fat Bastard which perfectly matched our entrée: Poke.

250  Easy Lane Windsor   Easy Lane Windsor

What’s Poke you ask? Well, according to web posts such as this, this and this, Poke is a Hawaiian salad dish of raw salmon or tuna, rice, vegetables and sauce that is tipped to be the food trend of 2016. And it’s available in Western Sydney’s Windsor! Easy Lane’s version of Poke was made with cured tuna. It was light and fresh and could easily be enjoyed as a main. For only $16 (for members), we thought this was fantastic value. We were hungry though, so shared this for our starter before digging in to something a little more hearty.

easy Lane Windsor  Poke  Hawian Poke

I ordered the Angus Beef Burger for my main. I loved that the burgers were served on milk buns, as opposed to the loveable, but slightly over-used brioche buns. This burger was pretty true to a beef burger, with a house made beef patty, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo. It was served next to some hand cut potato chips, which were surprisingly quite impressive. The chips were crispy on the outside, fluffy in the middle and perfectly seasoned.

Easy Lane Windsor  Easy Lane Windsor  Easy Lane Windsor

Mum’s Petit Fillet Mignon was also served with chips, as well as a simple garden salad. The steak itself was delicious, wrapped in bacon and drizzled with port jus. While the steak was probably more on the rare side of our requested medium-rare, we could forgive this as all the elements worked so well together.

Easy Lane Windsor  Easy Lane Windsor  steak

Although by this stage we were feeling rather full, we couldn’t help but order a dessert to share. Mum put me in charge of deciding what we’d have, a very difficult task when the options were House Made Apple & Rhubarb Crumble Pizza, Banana Split, Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Knickerbocker Glory (a trifle). As a chocoholic, I ended up going with the brownie.

Easy Lane Windsor  Easy Lane Windsor  Easy Lane Windsor

The brownie, made in-house, was a rich chocolatey slab of fudgie-goodness. It was plated with peanut butter gelato, double cream and a scattering of berries just to balance it all out. To me this is what dessert is all about: rich, decadent, sweet and indulgent.

easy Lane Windsor  Easy Lane Windsor  Easy Lane Windsor

As we relaxed in the beer garden after our meal, a musician began performing some chilled out tunes. Not only is Easy Lane a fantastic dining spot for families, but the outdoor setting, live music and huge drinks menu, also makes it the perfect place for Sunday afternoon drinks with friends. Easy Lane is a great new addition to Western Sydney and one that we’ll be revisiting very soon.

Easy Lane Windsor  Easy Lane Windsor  Easy Lane Windsor


Location: Windsor RSL Club, 36 Argyle Street, Windsor
Hours: Lunch and Dinner 7 Days
Price: Mains range from $18 to $36

Phone: 02 4587 6900


Disclaimer: Our Meal was compliments of  Easy Lane Windsor. The Views expressed in this post are our own