Parramatta, how we love you! We can barely keep up with the new cafes constantly popping up in this ever-expanding area of Western Sydney. Social Hideout has been on our hit-list ever since we came across them on instagram a couple of months ago. A quiet Saturday morning presented the perfect opportunity to finally visit this café for brunch.


Located in the Entranda plaza on Victoria Road, North Parramatta, Social Hideout is very easy to get to, with nearby Coles offering the perfect place to park for free. It’s next door to the Baker and Builder Café (also worth a visit), and offers sheltered outdoor seating along the garden-bed vines, or inside the café, out of the elements.

   Social Hideout Parramattacial Hideout Parramatta  Social Hideout Parramatta  

Social Hideout serve Campos coffee, one of my favourites. Our skinny caps were faultless and the pretty design on top was a bonus. For breakky, I ordered the Social Hideout Breakfast board which was a hearty serving of two poached eggs, bacon, sausage, hash brown, mushrooms, tomato and sourdough. The eggs were cooked to perfection and I was impressed by the note on the bottom of the menu stating that the café only uses free-range eggs. All the elements on the board were seasoned well and would make anyone after a big breakfast very happy.

1 IMG 20160319 141932 resized  Social Hideout Parramattacial Hideout Parramatta


Ethan ordered his usual breakfast favourite – a bacon and egg roll. However, the bacon and egg roll at Social Hideout has a twist. Listed as The American on the menu, this breakky dish contains bacon, a fried egg, a hash brown, smashed avocado, smoky BBQ sauce and aioli all on a milk bun. He didn’t speak a word while eating it so it must have been good!

Social Hideout Parramatta  Social Hideout Parramatta



social Hideout Parramatta  Social Hideout Parramattacial Hideout Parramatta

There were plenty of other items on the breakfast menu that caught my eye, too. The Hayne Plane, Beirut Hot Pot and Arabian Board all sound delicious, as do the fresh juice blends. Have you been to Social Hideout yet? What did you order?


Location: 2a/20  Victoria Road Parramatta

Hours: 6am-4pm Mon to Friday, 7.30am-3pm Weekends

Price:  Breakfast Menu, $8 - $20