PappaRich is a Malaysian restaurant group with eateries all over Australasia. One of the newest additions to the PappaRich family is the restaurant at Little Saigon Plaza in Bankstown. We recently had the opportunity to sample some of the globally loved dishes at the Western Sydney location


This was our first experience eating at a Malaysian restaurant. If you’ve never eaten Malaysian food before, we found that it had a lot of similarities to Thai, Indonesian and Indian cuisines. In other words, Malaysian cuisine is what a food lover’s dreams are made of!  Lucky for us, we were at a tasting with about 20 other Sydney foodies, so we got to try a lot of PapaRich's dishes. 

pappaRich Bankstown  PappaRich Bankstown

The first plate to hit the table was a nibbly,  deep fried chicken skin – we can see why this crunchy, salty starter is so popular. This was a nice way to start the evening and get everyone chatting before the Malaysian food rollout began, we had.....

PappaRichaRich  PappaRichappaRich

Satay skewers - both chicken and beef.  Roti Canai with Chicken Tandoori – the chicken Maryland was moist and flavoursome – would definitely order this for lunch!  

PappaRich Bankstown  PappaRich Bankstown       

Ipoh Koay Teow Soup with steamed chicken - the egg noodles were so luscious.  Seafood laksa - with plenty of prawns and tender chunks of eggplant.

 PappaRich Bankstown  PappaRich Bankstown

Roti Teur Bawang with Curry Chicken – the mild curry and roti stuffed with sweet Spanish onions were a perfect combination. Pappa fried rice noodles – a very tasty combo of wok-fried crunchy veggies, chicken, prawns and super thick noodles.    

   PappaRich BankstownaRich Bankstown  PappaRich BankstownRich Bankstown

Vegetarian Char Koay Teow – rice noodles and a flavoursome sauce make this a nice meat-free option. Nasi Lemak – a signature Malaysian dish and surprisingly very fragrant.  Dry koay teow with steamed chicken – succulent chicken served with a plate of simple rice noodles and a sweet and salty sauce. 

PappaRich Bankstown  9 DSC 0326        

Looking around the table many of the drinks were as exotic as the food. We tried two, firstly the lychee soda – A refreshing, sweet drink of lime and lychees. Then, almost a dessert, the topical lime – An icey lychee and lime drink, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. 

PappaRich Bankstown  PappaRich

The dishes at PappaRich are suitable for both sharing or enjoying all to yourself. If you’re worried about the food being too spicy or mild, a variety of side sauces accompany many of the dishes so you can control the flavour. The Bankstown PappaRich restaurant is smaller than we expected but diners don’t seem to mind queuing for a table. Luckily, the food at PappaRich is pumped out fast, so the line moves quickly. By the time we got around to tasting everything, we basically had to be rolled out of there, but we are already looking forward to our next visit. Bankstown’s PappaRich is very close to home for us and with quick service, tasty food and good prices, we see this restaurant becoming one of our regular go-to’s.

PappaRich Bankstown Bankstown  PappaRich Bankstown


To find your closest PappaRich restaurant, visit their website


Western Sydney Food Blog were guests of PappaRich and Wasamedia. Our meal was complimentary. Views expressed in this blog post are our own.