Ah, the weekend! For me, Monday to Friday is spent looking forward to those two days where I can catch up with friends and family, sleep in (if I’m lucky), plan for the week ahead and have brunch. Last Saturday morning I ticked off two of those items when I visited a local café that I’d found out about through Instagram. Together with my baby brother, Mr. 10 who had a soccer-free morning, we visited   Bankstown's Glacage.


Glacage Bankstown  Glacage Bankstown  Glacage Bankstown 

Glacage is an adorable little eatery tucked behind the House of Thai on Chapel Street. Mr. 10 and I had a few moments of confusion when Google Maps told us that we had reached our destination, though it was nowhere to be seen. We were eventually excited when we spotted the floral entrance way which was partially hidden from the street. We wandered down the walkway where we were met by a friendly staff member who showed us to a gorgeous blue mosaic table, coincidentally, table number 10.

Glacage Bankstown  Glacage Bankstown Glacage Bankstown

Glacage has been designed beautifully. The assortment of textures including timber, tiles, exposed bricks, mix-match cushions, greenery from plants and concrete pendant lights work together to make this café look and feel like a charming garden setting. This is the sort of café you fall in love with before you’ve even looked at the food. But the food (and coffee) is certainly the most important part of brunch!

Glacage Bankstownlacage Bankstown  Glacage Bankstownlacage Bankstown  Glacage Bankstown

The menu at Glacage boasts trendy favourites such as an Acai Breakfast Bowl and Avocado Toast, but I couldn’t go past ordering the Middle Eastern Board. Poached eggs, haloumi, sujuk, sautéed mushrooms, labneh, olives, grilled tomato, cucumber and Lebanese bread are served together on a wooden board and are what I would call the ultimate breakfast. The flavours are big and bold, but it is still a relatively light meal in comparison to more traditional big breakfast plates.

Glacage Bankstown  Glacage Bankstown Bankstown  Glacage Bankstown Bankstown

Mr. 10 ordered the Sujuk omelette. Although it did have too many mushrooms in it for him, I had a taste and loved it. There is also a vegetarian omelette available and you can add goats cheese or feta cheese to up the flavour at an extra charge, but I think the omelette had plenty of flavour without it.

Glacage  Glacage Bankstown Bankstown  Glacage Bankstown  

To drink, I had a lovely cappuccino and Mr. 10 had a freshly squeezed juice. He ordered the Fruit Ninja, which I think was a decision soley based on the name, but we did both enjoy the flavours of the strawberry, apple, watermelon and pineapple.

Glacage Bankstown Bankstown  Glacage  Glacage Bankstown Bankstown

During our meal, I sent mum a text message to let her know how much I was loving Glacage. She then decided to visit that very same morning, after Mr. 10 and I had just left! She brought her mum with her and they shared the Aussie Board which is a hearty meal of eggs, baked beans, beef rashers, beef sausages, sautéed tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms and sourdough bread.

Glacage  Glacage Bankstown  glacage coffee 

I also was raving to some work friends about this café and a couple of days later, we visited Glacage for lunch. While the lunch menu is a lot smaller than the breakfast menu, it still has some great options.

Glacage Bankstown  Glacage Bankstownage Bankstown  Glacage Bankstown

I had a delicious Chicken and Avocado Panini with a Citrus Punch juice while my work friends had the Roast Veggie Wrap and the Tuna Quinoa Salad. Glacage is a great spot for a work lunch break as the food is not only tasty but also healthy, filling, affordable and served quickly. Glacage is another café that will become a regular on our hit-list both for its lazy weekend brunches, hurried weekday lunches or just relaxing with a coffee.


Location:  The Courtyard, 465-469 Chaplel Road Bankstown 

Hours: 7am - 7pm Monday to Sunday

Price Range: $3 - $19