Pasticceria Caruso in Western Sydney’s Wetherill Park is not just your typical shopping centre café. It's location in the busy Stockland Shopping Mall, conveniently right outside the major supermarkets, makes Pasticceria Caruso is the perfect place to stop for coffee and a bite to eat. But this place offers much more than that, they are masters in cake and pastry.

Earlier this year, we were invited to a behind the scenes Pasticceria Caruso dessert master class. It was an exciting opportunity for dessert lovers like us to gather and enjoy a glass (or two) of the best Italian Moscato courtesy of the Wog with the Grog, while we learnt all about how to build two of the bakery's best selling items, the continental cake and their famous Italian canolli.

Barilla Caso cooking school  Pasticceria Caruso  The Wog With the Grog 

Pasticceria Caruso’s owner, Giuseppe Caruso, was himself surprised by the increase in popularity of the “old school” continental cake in recent times, especially as it seems to be the younger generation who are really loving this traditional dessert. We soon understood why, when we had a go at assembling our own mini versions of the cake.

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The main components of their continental cake are a delicate sponge cake, custard and liqueur which are all made in-house. The cake is built in layers and then covered in a thick coating of cream and almonds. The result is a cake which is light, fluffy, moist and sweet. It stays fresh in the fridge for days (if you can resist eating it for that long). We had loads of fun piping the custard and cream on our cakes, but we’ll need a lot more practice to match the speed and skill of Paticceria Caruso’s chef Dominic.

Pasticceria Caruso  pasticceria Caruso  cannoli

The canollis were also a lot of fun to fill and we were again amazed by the pace of which the professional chefs could assemble them. Having gained this appreciation for the passion and quality which drives Pasticceria Caruso, we had to visit the outlet in Wetherill Park to see and taste more.

 Pasticceria Caruso  Pasticceria Caruso  Pasticceria Carusoticceria Caruso

When we arrived owner Giuseppe Caruso was speaking with a table full of guests which he later told us were his relatives. “These are not ring-ins”, he jokingly assured us, “this is a normal weekend for me. My family come and visit me here, it’s like they are coming to my home”. But everyone is treated like family when they visit Pasticceria Caruso and the fantastic, reasonably priced food, is reminiscent of a delicious home cooked meal.

 Pasticceria Carusoticceria Caruso  Pasticceria Caruso  Pasticceria Caruso

The breakfast and lunch menu are not huge, but as Giuseppe describes it, “it’s simple food, done well”. The options available cover all bases. Hearty breakfasts, healthy lunches or just a good ole’ bowl of hot chips. We ordered a few different things on the menu for a bit of variety. The Caesar Salad with Poached Egg and Chicken was everything you’d expect a good caesar to be. The Grilled Haloumi was a lovely fresh and light option, particularly if you are saving room for dessert. The Veggie Stack also featured grilled haloumi and was as vibrant and healthy as it was tasty. The Calabrese Steak Sandwich was a generous serve of tender scotch fillet with the classic salad, cheese and beetroot on Panini. With table service as a bonus, its definitely worth skipping the food court for.

pasticceria Caruso  Pasticceria Caruso  pasticceria Caruso

As soon we finished our lunch we wandered around to the display counter to choose a cake to enjoy with our coffee. It was hard to decide on a sweet treat but mum and I ended up sharing a delicious Sospiri sponge cake, soaked in coffee liqueur and topped with strawberries and cream. The coffee art was an extra treat, my cappuccino was almost too pretty to drink. 

Pasticceria Caruso  pasticceria Caruso  pasticceria Caruso

All of their biscuits, cakes and canollis are made fresh at the business’ Smithfield factory kitchen and delivered to the Stockland’s shop every day of the week. They have to, as demand is huge. The afternoon we were there, the canollis were all sold out by 3pm!

 cannoli  pasticceria Caruso  pasticceria Caruso

It’s not surprising given the recent global attention Paticceria’s Curosa’s has received. Their signature dish, the Cannoli Bazooka, a giant cannoli filled with 50 regular cannoli, was featured on Buzzfeed , sparking enquiries from all over the world.

Pasticceria Caruso  Pasticceria Caruso  pasticceria Caruso Bazooka

But, for the time being at least, there’s no plans for Pasticceria Caruso to expand, so it’s just us lucky Sydneysiders that get to enjoy these traditional Italian sweets, all to ourselves.

  Pasticceria Caruso  pasticceria Caruso pasticceria Caruso

Pasticceria Caruso is located at Kiosk 7, Stockland Wetherill Park, Polding Street, Wetherill Park 2164.

The Western Sydney Food Blog were guests of Pasticceria Caruso. Views expressed in this post are our own.