Psst, guess what? We’ve found out about one of the best kept secrets of all time. Sydney has a wine centre. Yep, that’s right, just a train and tram ride away in Pyrmont, the Sydney Wine Centre sits above a bottle shop on Harris Street, where you can taste your way through Europe or brush up on your fancy-pants vino-lingo.

The Sydney Wine Centre  The Sydney Wine Centre  The Sydney Wine Centre

We were lucky enough to be invited to a night hosted by Blurb. For those of you playing at home, Blurb is a company reigning from the startup capital of the world, San Francisco, which offers everyday folks like us a service to ‘self-publish’. That means, you can create and print your own a book, magazine or even an eBook for your own use or even to sell. It all sounded pretty cool.

Blurb  The Sydney Wine Centre  The Sydney Wine Centre

But back to the wine! There were two parts to our evening. The first part was hosted by special guest Riedel Australia Managing Director, Mark Baulderstone. Mark demonstrated how the different types of Riedel glasses can significantly change the aroma and taste of a wine. It was quite amazing and something that we had never thought about before. The key point that we learnt is that the correct glass can’t fix a bad wine, but it can make a good wine taste even better.

The Sydney Wine Centreydney Wine Centre  The Sydney Wine Centreydney Wine Centre  The sydney Wine Centre

The second part of the evening was hosted by resident Sydney Wine Centre expert, Tim. Tim is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about wine and was happy to answer everyone’s questions as we tasted different wines with an oyster, a beautiful French cheese, a duck pancake and a lamb cutlet. By having a sip of wine before and then after the food, it was easy to compare how the food and wine bring out the best in each other and why balance is so important.

the sydney Wine Centre  the sydney Wine Centre  The Sydney Wine Centre  

The Sydney Wine Centre regularly runs classes open to the public starting from just $75, as well as hosting private group and corporate events. I think I know where my next girl’s night will be! Visit for more information and to make bookings.


Our Wine Pairing Masterclass was courtesy of Blurb. Opinions expressed in this post are our own.