If you take a walk along Parramatta’s vibrant Eat Street on any day or night of the week, you will find yourself tempted by dozens of eateries that can offer you the world on a plate. Sicilian is one of the long stayers along this Church Street strip, and it’s also one of the biggest restaurants in the area. For just on ten years, Sicilian has been serving modern Italian food and woodfire pizza in the heart of Parramatta. We stopped by for dinner to find out for ourselves why Sicilian has become a permanent fixture on Eat Street.  

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When we arrived we were greeted by Greg who showed us to a table with a big cosy lounge seat.  We got ourselves comfortable with a nice glass of wine and decided what we would order for dinner.  If you like variety you will love Sicilian. There are around six pages of entrees, pastas, mains and pizzas to choose from. The menu lists many of the much loved traditional Italian dishes alongside more modern food trends like pork belly and ribs. We were happy to see a variety of seafood dishes among the courses and quickly decided to order one or two of those. We were also keen to try the ravioli, especially after Greg told us that the pasta was made from scratch. From reading the menu, we got the impression that this was the type of place you could pop into for a casual woodfire pizza, or go the whole hog with a more extravagant three course meal. We went with the latter.  

sicilian Italian Restaurant Parramatta  Sicilian Italian Restaurant Parramatta  Sicilian Italian Restaurant Parramatta

For entree we chose two dishes, firstly, the Fiori Di Zucca, zucchini flowers stuffed with soft fetta, olives and sundried tomatoes. The zucchini flowers were deep fried in a light, crisp batter and served with a sweet chilli jam. Next was the Capesante Scottate, scallops on parsnip puree nicely complimented by crunchy fried vegetable chards and caperberries. We loved the combination of the scallops and pureed parsnips, the two delicate flavours worked really well together.

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We are huge fans of pork belly, so when we saw it on the menu, we knew we had to have it. It came out looking incredible on a big bed of truffle mash with some seared scallops surrounded by a cider reduction. It didn’t come with the apple mousse as stated on the menu but the apple puree that was on the plate was a nice accompaniment. What makes pork belly so appealing, aside from the tasty layer of juicy pork, is the salty, crunchy crackling. Sicilian did not disappoint, as our pork crackling was golden and crispy right to the very last bite.

Sicilian Italian Restaurant Parramatta  21 DSC 0029  Sicilian Italian Restaurant Parramatta

The big winner of the night was the Ravioli D’Aragosta & Granicho, lobster and crab ravioli. These simple looking parcels of housemade pasta and seafood were silky and delicious. They were accompanied by a light butter sauce and some roasted cherry tomatoes. This dish took us by surprise because it looked quite modest but tasted luxuriously delicious. The ravioli, both pasta and filling, were light and luscious and celebrated the flavour of the beautiful, fresh shellfish.   

Sicilian Italian Restaurant Parramattacilian Italian Restaurant Parramatta  Sicilian Italian Restaurant Parramattacilian Italian Restaurant Parramatta  Sicilian Italian Restaurant Parramattacilian Italian Restaurant Parramatta

Somehow we managed so save room for dessert and decided to share a slice of one of our favourite Italian cakes, Tiramisu. Sicilian’s housemade version of this dessert was a light and fluffy combination of layered coffee soaked sponge finger biscuits, whipped cream and mascarpone. The cake was finished with a dusting of cocoa and drizzles of chocolate which had us scraping our plate to get every last drop. Sicilian make a heavenly Tiramisu!

Sicilian Italian Restaurant Parramattama  sicilian Italian Restaurant Parramattama  Sicilian Italian Restaurant Parramatta 

One word of advice, when you go to Sicilian, take your appetite! They are not shy when it comes to traditional Italian hospitality, so you definitely wont leave hungry!   


Sicilian Italian Restaraunt

Location: 292 Church Street Parramatta

Hours: 11am - Late 7 days         

Phone:  02 9633 2299

Price Range: $15 -$40 for mains


Our meal was compliments of Sicilian, views expressed in this post are our own.