Lane Cove isn’t in Western Sydney but it’s an easy drive from home making it an ideal location for a relaxing mid week dinner. We recently called into Lodge, a modern Australian fusion restaurant located in the centre of Lane Cove's Market Square.

 Lodge Tapas  Lodge Tapasdge Tapas  Lodge Tapasdge Tapas

We arrived a little early so we filled in time by having a look around the local shops. Many of the food vendors and bakeries surrounding the square were still open, this coupled with the friendly environment, gave the area a European feel.

lodge Tapas  lodge Tapas  lodge Tapasge Tapas

When we arrived at Lodge we started with a drink, a creme brûlée cocktail (for Alice) and a glass of red wine (for me). We sipped our drinks and chatted to one of the owners, Matt, who gave us the run down on the type of food they serve. 


Lodge is famous in the area for their tapas plates, these are ideal for casual dining, especially over drinks with friends. The Menu at  Lodge listed a flavoursome variety of Tapas, which if preferred, could be served as an entree prior to one of their heartier mains. In addition to this, they also have a special Mexican menu on certain nights of the week. We wanted to get a taste across to board so we went tapas style, and asked Matt bring to us some of their favourites. This is how the food rolled out. 

Lodge Tapas  lodge Tapas

We started of with the restaurant's popular zucchini fries coated in zaatar with a side of creamy garlic aioli. They were delicious enough to eat without the garlic sauce, but zucchini, zaatar and garlic are a magic combination. 

lodge Tapas  lodge Tapas

We had two of the special Mexican plates, firstly, the slow cooked beef fajita with spiced vegetables, salsa and guacamole. The beef was fork tender with sweet cabbage and capsicum providing a nice contrast to the more heated Mexican spices.

Lodge Tapas  Lodge Tapasodge Tapas  Lodge Tapas

Our other Mexican dish was a trio of mini tacos, we were excited to try these as the menu stated that the taco shells were house made. The delicate taco shell was the perfect base for layers of iceberg lettuce, salsa, sour cream, jalapeño chilli and seafood ceviche. We split the third one in two so we could both enjoy a second bite. Both of the Mexican dishes were great examples of how fresh and vibrant Mexican food can be.

Lodge Tapas  l2

Next up were arancini with wild mushrooms, truffle oil and aged parmesan cheese. The arancini were the perfect tapas size with a crunchy coating surrounding the creamy, cheesy risotto filling. We also managed to dig into a comforting plate of grilled halloumi with fried tofu on a bed of grilled vegetable sugo.

Lodge Tapas  lodge Tapas  Lodge Tapas

We didn’t think we could eat any more but a stunning plate of pork belly appeared from the kitchen, Matt had saved his best till last.

lodge Tapas  Lodge Tapas  

Two slices of juicy pork belly were served with granny smith apple puree, calvados apple, crispy apple chip, grilled Canadian scallop and vegetable chips. It looked too good to eat, but we couldn’t resist that melt in the mouth pork belly and a perfectly cooked scallop. 


To top off a great night, we decided to share a dessert. We quickly chose the Aussie Mess which is Lodge's version of the classic English pud, Eton Mess. The Aussie aspect was a mini pavlova shell which was smothered in a lemon curd then jewelled with strawberries, raspberries, meringues, shortbread, jelly flecks, rose petals and golden cacao nibs. while it was sweeter than my taste buds expected, it was heavenly, and way too pretty to be considered a mess. 

Lodge Tapas  22 DSC 0494  lodge Tapas

Lodge treated us to beautifully presented sophisticated food, which at times, leaned towards fine dining. I got the sense that the owners are passionate about offering a creative menu to cater for every taste in their locality.  Considering the attention to detail, quality of food and location, Lodge Tapas offers a value for money dining experience with something for everyone. 


Location: 1/24 Burns Bay Road Lane Cove 

Open: Monday to Saturday Breakfast Lunch and Dinner,  Sunday Breakfast and lunch, 

           Campos Coffee and cafe meals available each day

Phone: 02 9421629

Prices: Tapas $6 to $19, Mains $25 to $31 Kids Menu $10


Our meal was compliments of Lodge, opinions expressed in the post are our own.