Taste Food Tours is an independently run, not-for-profit social enterprise offering food-focused tours of suburbs around Sydney. All of the tours are led by locals who are passionate not only about food, but also about the people, stories and cultures of their community. It is a wonderful concept with a focus on building understanding and stronger communities through what we think is one of the most powerful tools in the world: food.

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Fairfield is a suburb we’ve always lived close to but seldom visited because we have never really known where to go. This is why we chose to go on the Global Explorer tour of Fairfield. Our Taste Food Tour guide, Ludwig, led our small walking tour group around and opened our eyes up to a whole new series of food spots we never knew existed.

Taste Tours Fairfield  taste Tours Fairfield  Taste Tours Fairfield

The world really was on our plate on this Fairfield Global Explorer tour as we saw and sampled delights from Iraq, South America, Lebanon, Turkey, Laos and Thailand. The delicious dishes we tasted included empanadas, samoon bread, nuts, olives, cheese borek, cherry borek, dulce de leche biscuits and quince paste tarts.

  taste Tours Fairfield  Taste Tours Fairfielde Tours Fairfield  Taste Tours Fairfield Tours

  Taste Tours Fairfield Tours   taste Tours Fairfield   Taste Tours Fairfield

  Taste Tours Fairfield  taste Tours Fairfield  taste tours Fairfield 

As if we weren’t already full from all that, for our sit down lunch, we visited the Thai Luammit Restaurant where we ate some exciting Laos cuisine. Fragrant housemade sausages, pork fried rice, spicy paw paw salad, crispy chicken wings and broken rice were all packed full of freshness, texture and flavour. We had never eaten Laos cuisine before and now that we know what to order, we will be able to return here with our family.

    Taste Tours Fairfield  taste Tours Fairfield    Taste Tours Fairfield

   Taste Tours Fairfield  Taste Tours Fairfield  fairfield foodtour

It was an incredible experience being able to taste some amazing dishes from all over the world, but perhaps the highlight of the day was not actually the food, but instead meeting our tour guide, Ludwig. Ludwig shared with us his insights, the type you can only get from an experienced local. There was honesty about the some of the hardships the locals have had to face to get to where they are today and that some continue to deal with. There were interesting discussions comparing historic and modern diets, regional cuisine differences, cultural food customs and ingredients as well as some of our favourite foods and recipes. In fact, I have already cooked a lamb kafta and potato stew that he spoke about as well as the hot orange blossom drink which he told us his mother believes is the cure to insomnia!

Taste Tours Fairfield   taste food tours fairfield  Taste Tours Fairfield

Our Taste Food Tour of Fairfield was an enriching, enjoyable and edible learning experience. It was so wonderful to meet like-minded people who are passionate about the power of food and the value of a multicultural society.

Tours cost $90 for adults. For more information on all the tours Taste Food Tours have available, visit their website.

Our tour was complimentary. Views expressed in this post remain our own.