If you follow us on Instagram, there’s no doubt you would have seen our regular photos of coffee stops or weekend brunches at Chow Bella in Lidcombe. Chow Bella is one of our favourite local cafes due to the delicious food, great coffee and friendly staff. Sean Miskin is the man behind Chow Bella. In 2010 he left his career as a chef in the hotel and hatted restaurant scene to take on, what was at the time, a small and humble coffee shop in his local neighbourhood. Since then, he has relaunched Chow Bella as a large, vibrant café with an ever evolving menu giving Lidcombe locals a reason to visit. We recently stopped by for lunch to try some of the new and exciting dishes now on offer.

Chow Bella Lidcombe  Sean Miskin Chow Bella  Chow Bella Lidcombe

As usual, we grabbed a coffee before ordering lunch. This time, instead of her usual “extra hot skim latte”, mum opted to try her first ever Matcha Latte. The vibrant green drink had a strong green tea flavour, but was smooth and velvety to drink. The coffee, as always was a winner. We love that hot drinks always arrive with a delicious little biscuit on the saucer.

Chow Bella Lidcombe  Chow Bella Lidcombe   Chow Bella Lidcombe

For lunch I ordered Chow Bella’s signature dish, the Crispy Skin Salmon Risotto with Black Truffle. This was a generous fillet of Tasmanian salmon served over a creamy mushroom risotto nicely flavoured with luxurious black truffle and parmesan cheese. Sean told us he was inspired to make this dish after sitting by the ocean one day and thinking about how he could create a dish which represents both the elements of the land and the sea. We think he has nailed it and would order this dish again in a heartbeat.

 Chow Bella Lidcombe   Chow Bella Lidcombe  Chow Bella Lidcombe

Mum had the super healthy Black Rice, Quinoa and Seaweed Salad with Poached Egg. The grains were tossed with bean sprouts, seaweed and radish slices then dressed with a basil dressing. It was an interesting mix of ingredients that worked well together and made you feel healthy just by looking at it.

  Chow Bella Lidcombe   Chow Bella Lidcombe    Chow Bella Lidcombe

If you’re not feeling like a health option, Chow Bella’s most popular menu item is the housemade Waygu Burger. We haven’t had a chance to try this yet, but we could spy some being eaten by other diners and they looked fantastic. Another dish on our ‘to taste’ list is the popular Mexican Breakfast which comes with with sourdough, guacamole salsa, dukka, charred corn, dorritos and eggs. Sean’s inspiration for this dish is to offer diners something they would not make for themselves at home and offer something different from the usual bacon and eggs. But I must say, most of my breakfasts at Chow Bella have been the Eggs Benedict with Bacon which I absolutely adore thanks to the hearty combination of crunchy sourdough, perfectly poached eggs, silky smooth hollandaise and crispy, salty bacon. But back to the lunch!

Chow Bella Lidcombe    Chow Bella Lidcombe    Chow Bella Lidcombe

We decided to have a sweet treat to finish our meal. Sean suggested we try the Nutella Crepe with strawberries, cream and ice-cream. It is actually a dish on the breakfast menu but easily makes for a decadent dessert. Equally as good was the popular Nutella Bomb. This is a creamy Nutella frappe with cream and a Nutella donut which you can inject with even more delicious Nutella. Because let’s be honest, you can never have too much Nutella! These treats not only tasted rich, delicious and chocolatey, but they looked incredible! The huge portions of towering, sweet delights grabbed the attention of diners across the café. We even had people coming up to us to ask us what we had ordered!

Chow Bella Lidcombe    Chow Bella Lidcombe  Chow Bella Lidcombe

Chow Bella is also a kid friendly café. The playground next door makes it the perfect spot for parents to have a break and recharge with a coffee while the little ones play. And for a sweet treat that won’t give them as much of a sugar high as what the Nutella Bomb will, Chow Bella offer kids ice cream cones for just 50 cents!

Chow Bella Lidcombe  CB4  chow Bella Lidcombe

This is just another reason why we love Chow Bella. There is something for everyone on their menu. Keep an eye out for our Instragram posts to see what we try next time we’re at Chow Bella!

chow bella Lidcombe   chow Bella Lidcombe   chow Bella Lidcombe


Location:         Lidcombe Shopping Centre, 92 Parramatta Rd Lidcombe

 Phone:           (02)97488802

Price Range:   Coffee $3.50 menu items $0.50 - $25.00

Hours:             Mon - Wed 7am - 7pm

                       Thurs - Sun 7am - 9pm