Last week my love and I were gifted tickets to Sydney’s illustrious Moonlight Cinema in Centennial Park. It’s a brilliant way to see a movie, blissfully lying back on the soft lawn under the stars with a picnic rug and comfy bean bags. You relax sipping a glass of wine in the last of the afternoon sun and await the twinkling of the stars and your movie to begin.


Most people attending the moonlight cinema come prepared with a picnic of some degree. I saw all kinds of dreamy picnic baskets being carried into the venue along with numerous eskies. Earlier in the day the thought of taking a picnic had not even entered my mind. I was time poor that day but when a collegue who has been to the cinema suggested a picnic, I had to find a way to throw one together in my lunch break!!

So here it is, my impromptu picnic. I sprinted to the local Auburn shops and picked up some lovely nuts, olives, breads and fruits to go with some cheese crackers from home. I grabbed some wine, dips, chilli jam, meats and chocolate dipping sauce after work at the local supermarket. This took no time to pack into a cooler bag and we were out the door to the city within an hour of arriving home.



I admit it, I took way too much food for two people but it was luxurious to sit together under the stars with such a spread before us. My husband’s only complaint, he had to wait for me to photograph the food before he could eat, but he is getting used to that.

Valentine’s Day is this week. Its the perfect excuse to plan a romantic picnic with your love.