Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver took the world by storm when he hit the road with his powerful food revolution! He raised awareness about the increase in diet related diseases which are epidemic in many countries including Australia. As he travelled around he noticed that people were cooking less with fresh ingredients and relying more on convenience style food. This alarmed him because eating a lot of these foods can have a negative effect on our health. Jamie offered a solution; he thought that if he could teach people some basic cooking skills, and show how cheap and easy it is to cook from scratch, then everyone would be healthier. This inspired him to establish the Ministry of Food, a special teaching kitchen where you can learn how to cook just like Jamie. Western Sydney has a Ministry of it's own in Wetherill park.

Ministry of Food Weatherill Park  Ministry of Food Weatherill Park  Ministry of Food Weatherill Park 

We always love the chance to cook at the Ministry of Food so we happily accepted an invitation to join a dessert class with the ministry students. Our food trainer was Renee, she guided us through the steps of a pear and ginger crumble with homemade vanilla custard. 

Ministry of Food Weatherill Park  Ministry of Food Weatherill Park  Ministry of Food Weatherill Park

 At first we thought it was unusual to see a dessert on a healthy food program, however, as Renee explained, recipes need to be nutritious to be taught at the Ministry of Food. The main ingredients in our dish were eggs milk and fruit, so in moderation, this dessert was still quite healthy. it demonstrated that we can still indulge in the occasional treat if we choose our ingredients wisely.

Ministry of Food Weatherill Park  Ministry of Food Weatherill Park  Ministry of Food Weatherill Park

Our classmates came from all walks of life. There were a few other mothers and daughters, married couples and friends. As we talked we asked them why they decided to attend the 7 week cooking course, everyone gave us a similar answer. It was simply a great opportunity. Some students said they were there to learn how to cook, others were there for food inspiration, either way, the course offered something for everyone. Talking to our classmates gave us insight into how the Ministry of Food has the power to change your life. These are some of the reasons they (and us) loved attending:

  • The recipes taught in class are all healthy easy and delicious
  • The course covers a whole range of cooking skills, from simple ways with eggs to the grandeur of a thai green curry
  • The classes are hands on, confidence building and make cooking fun 
  • Kids can participate from the age of 12 promoting healthy food skills early on in life
  • The trainers are very qualified and share lots of practical cooking tips, recipe ideas and knife skills 
  • The class size is small enabling everyone a clear view of the trainer and the chance to ask questions 
  • The Ministry of Food kitchen is a welcoming and beautiful space to learn in.

Ministry of Food Weatherill Park  Ministry of Food Weatherill Park  Ministry of Food Weatherill Park

Most of all, everyone loved that they could take home their cooking.  The portion size is generous enough to serve two (or in the case of our pear crumble, 4 - 6).  At the end of the class we still got to eat, we gathered around the table and enjoyed Renee's delicious pear crumble together.

 Ministry of Food Weatherill Park  Jamies Ministry of fod  Ministry of Food Wetherill Park

Renee was inspirational, we learnt so much more than just the basic cooking skills we expected her to share.  As a result, the whole class was successful in creating the perfect fruit crumble and delicious smooth custard. This was a great achievement, especially considering that most of us had never made a custard from scratch.

Ministry of Food Weatherill Park  Ministry of Food Weatherill Park  Ministry of Food Weatherill Park

The cooking course consists of seven weekly classes, each class is 90 minutes in length. The lessons are well prepared so you will learn alot of good cooking in a short amount of time. The big surprise was the generously low fee!  Currently (as of October 2016) the cost is only $140 which averages out to just $20 a lesson. With the food you take home it practically pays for itself. A concession rate is available for pensioners and other lower income earners which is great, it means as many people as possible can access the benefits of healthy cooking.

Jamies Ministry of Food  Jamies Ministry of Food  Jamies Ministry of Food

In addition to the basic skills course, every now and then the Ministry of Food also offer specialty workshops. At the end of last term they ran a school holiday program which sold out in minutes. Currently there’s a pasta workshop and christmas gifting class listed on their webpage, I just signed up for one of those!  Signing up for a Ministry of Food course is easy to do easy online.

So what did we think about our Ministry of Food cooking class? We thought it was awesome! The courses are a worthwhile experience even for confident home cooks like us! We have to agree with our classmates, the Ministry of Food is a great opportunity. We have Jamie to thank for that.


Jamie's Ministry of Food Wetherill Park Centre

Location: Stockland Wetherill, Park Kinchin Lane, 561-583 Polding Street Wetherill Park 

Phone: 02 9756 1001

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Book a Course: https://thegoodfoundation.secure.force.com/bookings

Webpage: https://www.jamiesministryoffood.com.au/center-locations/wetherill-park


Our cookng class was compliments of The Wetherill Park Ministry of Food. Opinions expressed in this post are our own.