A drive to out to Macarthur region is a fantastic way to escape the big smoke and experience the diverse South West Sydney food scene with farmgates, gourmet markets and wineries to visit. Last week I discovered yet another food gem in this area, this time on the road between Liverpool and Camden, I had dinner at the new Gregory Hills Hotel. 

I called into the Gregory Hills Hotel with my eldest son Brent. Like most 22 year old blokes he doesn’t mind beer or a big plate of food making him the perfect companion for a country pub dinner.

The Gregory Hills Hotel  The Gregory Hills Hotel The Gregory Hills Hotel

The Greggo (as the locals like to call it) is more than just your average Hotel, it was custom built to be food focused giving everyone in the region a reason to visit. The locals now have a place to meet for good food, a couple of drinks, or even catch a band.

Gregory Hills Hotel

There’s plenty space for over 300 people in the bistro or bar with its arty tiled tables, leather lounges, cosy verandas and ambient outdoor patios. You can choose to sit in anywhere in the hotel to enjoy a bistro meal delivered right to your table, regardless of where you sit.

Gregory Hills Hotel

Parents have not been forgotten either, there’s a whopping big playroom to keep the kids amused while the adults relax nearby.

Gregory Hills Hotel 

The hotel also offers the more traditional pub attractions, a gaming room and sports bar, however, these are out of sight from the main areas of the hotel to maintain a family friendly atmosphere.

The Gregory Hills Hotel    The Gregory Hills Hotel

Before looking at the food options we decided to grab a beer. There are some unique beers on offer including something we hadn’t seen before, Carlton Draught Tank Beer. It’s delivered straight from a copper tank fresh and unpasteurised. Brent, who is a regular Carlton drinker, summed it up as being smooth with lots of character. I had a schooner of one of the local craft beers, Sesh, it was a fruity refreshing ale with lively tropical fruit flavours. 

The Gregory Hills Hotel beer  The Gregory Hills Hotel  The GregoryHills hotel sesh

The menu at the Gregory Hills Hotel is a crowd pleaser with pub classics, healthy salads, juicy steaks, towering burgers and tasty share plates to choose from. The Roast Pork Knuckle has fast become a signature dish here.  Not many can resist a golden crackle coated meaty joint served on a pile of mash drizzled with a rich beer gravy. We didn’t order it this visit but we saw a few leaving the bistro and they looked impressive.


Instead we opted to try a few flavours from across them menu, starting with a share a plate of Southern Style chicken Wings in a creamy Blue Cheese Sauce. I only planned to only have one or two but these tender wings were very moreish.. The blue cheese sauce was rather mild, I would have liked it to be a little more blue cheesy for my personal taste, however, it was still a great match for the spicy chicken wings.

The Gregory Hills Hotel beer  The Gregory Hills Hotel

For main course Brent took on the challenge of the Greggo Deluxe Burger. This burger stacks up high with double angus patties, avocado smash, cheese, tomato, jalapeños, bacon and a fried egg. We looked over this giant burger in awe, the challenge was deciding how best to eat it, which is all part of the fun of course.

The Gregory Hills Hotel  24 DSC 0463  The Gregory Hills Hotel

The Gregory Hills Hotel  The Gregory Hills Hotel  The Gregory Hills Hotel

I went for some classic comfort food, the Great Southern Lamb Shank Shepherd's Pie. The filling was rich with melt in the mouth shredded braised lamb shank topped with creamy mashed potato. The potato itself was so good that it was almost the hero of the dish. The outer layer of the mash was golden and crispy with clouds of creamy mash underneath, perfect!  With a fresh salad on the side the portion was very hearty, I struggled to finish it but it was so delicious that I wanted to keep eating.

The Gregory Hills Hotel  The Gregory Hills Hotel  The Gregory Hills Hotel 

Theres always room for dessert, we decided to share one of our all time favourites, a sticky date pudding which came with a scoop of delicious vanilla ice-cream.

The Gregory Hills Hotel  The Gregory Hills Hotel

The Gregory Hills Hotel has only been open a few months but has already managed to achieve the Australian Hotel Association award for being the best new country hotel in Australia. Its a place that has something for everyone, Its no wonder they have become popular with their surrounding growing community. If your venturing out to Sydney's South West to enjoy the local attractions it’s a great place to visit for some generous country pub food and a nice cold beer.


The Gregory Hills Hotel

Location: Corner of Central Hills Drive and Gregory Hills Drive Gregory Hills (off the Camden Valley Way)

Hours: Mon -Sat 10am - Midnight, Sundays 10am - 10pm

Price Range: Starters and Share plates $7.50 - $22 Mains $18-$33 Pizzas from $17 

Webpage: http://www.gregoryhillshotel.com.au


Our Meal was compliments of The Gregory Hills Hotel, opinions expressed in this post are our own