Mama Rosy’s is an Italian restaurant located on the southern end of King Street in Newtown. This strip is famous for its ecclectic cafes, quirky boutiques, vintage wares and antique stores. I am happy to visit a place like this anytime, especially when there's food involved!

   Mama Rosey's Newtown  Mama Rosey's Newtown  Mama Rosey's Newtown

When I arrived at Mama Rosy's the first thing I noticed was the big tiled woodfired pizza oven which gives the place an energetic atmosphere. The furnishings are rustic, but colourful throws, Italian murals, chandeliers and floral displays add a bohemian edge to the decor.

Mama Rosey's Newtown  MR wine  18 DSC 0411

I shared a table with two other food lovers from the blogging world, Brendon (Brendon the Smiling Chef) and Jacki (Does My Bomb Look Big In This). We chatted over four courses of generous Italian share plates, and a couple of glasses of soft Italian wine in the restaurant’s cosy courtyard. First up was the Antipasto Platter.

Mama Rosey's Newtown 

The Italian colours of green, red and white ruled this loaded board of juicy olives, savoury prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella, arancini, calamari, and bruschetta. I could have easily enjoyed this platter as a meal on its own because there was so much food!

Mama Rosey's Newtown  Mama Rosey's Newtown  Mama Rosey's Newtown

The pasta dish was Spaghetti con le Sarde, a true seaside combination of sardines and raisins. This was my first time eating fresh sardines and I admit, it’s a flavour that I didn’t expect to enjoy, but I did. The delicate sweet raisins complimented both the tomato infused pasta and the salty flavour of the sardines. The presentation was bold with a single fried sardine smiling up at us from the top of a generous pile of spaghetti.

Mama Rosey's Newtown  Mama Rosey's Newtown  19 DSC 0379

Next up was the always popular wood fired pizza. At half a metre long with a true Italian base and draping with prosciutto, this was just as impressive to look at as it was to eat. Facebook reviews indicate that Mama Rosy’s pizza is fast becoming a local favourite, and it's easy to see why.

Mama Rosey's Newtown  Mama Rosey's Newtown  Mama Rosey's Newtown

Finally, the piece de resistance, the dessert board. This dish featured three iconic Italian temptations: A light and fudgy flourless chocolate cake, a decadent lemon panna cotta and my personal favourite, tiramisu (which I couldn’t stop eating despite feeling very full).

 Mama Rosey's Newtown

Mama Rosy’s tiramisu is rich and indulgent from a triple shot of espresso and sweet layer of creamy mascarpone custard. To top it off, it is generously drizzled in chocolate and topped with fresh strawberries. While each one of these desserts would have been a treat on their own, being able to taste them all was pure opulence.

Mama Rosey's Newtown  Mama Rosey's Newtown  31 DSC 0417

Mama Rosy’s is owned and operated by a young Italian family team. Executive chef Cristian takes care of the general menu, his cousin John is the woodfired pizza chef. The restaurant is named after Cristian's mother who passed on her skills and passion for cooking to this younger generation. Together they keep Italian traditions alive by making everything from scratch using the recipes, and as many ingredients as possible from their home country.

 Mama Rosey's Newtown  Mama Rosey's Newtown  Mama Rosey's Newtown

Mama Rosy’s is a vibrant addition to the cultural mix of restaurants on Newtown's King Street . I found the service was both thoughtful and friendly. If you are looking for an authentic Italian dining experience, put Mama Rosy’s on your list.


Mama Rosys


Location: 496 King Street Newtown

Phone:    (02) 7900 3668

Hours:     Tuesday - Thursday 5pm - 11pm

                Friday - Sunday 12pm - 11pm

                Closed on Monday

Online Menu:


Our meal was compliments of Ciao Magazine and Mama Rosy's. Opinions expressed in this post are our own.