Smack bang in the middle of Cabramatta, perhaps The Usual Café should have been called the Unusual Café, as unlike its local authentic Vietnamese counterparts, this eatery looks sleek with a menu to match. A somewhat peaceful place to retreat to, away from the hustle and bustle of the colourful streets, it was the spot for a recent catch up with friends.


I am ever so fascinated by food trends. There is on the one hand the pure, au naturale clean eating and then on the other the bigger and greasier the better. The Usual Café had a good option of both as well as some happy medians. The menu has options like the Chia Pudding or the Green Bowl, which contains quinoa, kale, dukkah crusted boiled egg, pickled cucumber, spinach, avocado, pomegranate, pepitas and haloumi. On the other end of the scale, The Usual offers the Crackle Burger which has a beef patty, pork crackle, cheese, special sauce and the usual salads plus maple bacon if you’re keen. As enticing as that sounded, I’m trying to be on my best behaviour when it comes to watching what I eat, so I went for just a moderate dose of calories in the Shakshuka.

MenuFood resized MenuDrinks

The Shakshuka, also known as baked eggs, is a tomato sauce with kale, and juicy chorizo. There were also a few olives and feta, though I wish there were more of both of these in this dish as they are some of my favourite foods. While the egg yolk was not runny, this didn’t bother me as the tomato sauce was rich enough on its own and the side of sourdough was perfect for dipping.

Shak Shak2

The day we visited, the Usual was still offering the Blood-E Straya Burg as its special. This burger was a beef patty, bacon, two types of cheese, fried egg, pineapple, beetroot, onion, tomato, pickles, lettuce, bbq sauce and a side of potato crisps. Honestly, if I had to describe to you my ideal burger, it would be this. Bacon, pineapple, beetroot and egg on a burger is everything to me! While I restrained from ordering it, I still got to have a close look as two of the people I was dining with ordered it, including Ethan. Ethan described this burger as ‘a bloody good Aussie burger’, which is a good thing as that is essentially what this dish has been named.

MenuSpecial Burg1 Burg2

To drink, I had my regular skinny cap, which The Usual Café did a good job on. Ethan had a standard strawberry milkshake and my friend’s ordered iced teas. The Usual has a huge range of herbal teas available and all of them are available both hot or iced.

Coffee Milkshake

IceTea1 IceTea2

 While Cabramatta is known and loved for its traditional Vietnamese restaurants, street food and grocers, The Usual Café is a nice option for locals looking for something different and modern without having to travel too far.

Sign Inside

Address: Shop 4/6 Hill St, Cabramatta 2166
Phone: 9728 4171
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 7am to 4pm, Saturday to Sunday 8am to 3pm
Price: Meals range between $4 to $20