Hooray, it’s finally here! Neil Perry has brought his renowned Burger Project to Western Sydney. It is now one of nine Burger Project restaurants across NSW & QLD and it is serving up the same delicious burgers and decadent desserts that food-lovers have come to adore.

 Burger Project Parramatta    burger Project Parramatta  Burger Project Parramatta

Burger Project is all about “fast food, slow food values”. Everything at Burger Project is prepared in house, from the grinding of the beef for the burger patties to the pickling of cucumbers. Even the sauce and soft serve are made in house. You can truly taste the difference. The burgers are so juicy and flavoursome, just like a burger should be. That’s why we’ve been fans of Burger Project for years, regularly visiting the city and Macquarie Park stores. You can only imagine how stoked we are to now have a Burger Project closer to home in Parramatta. And yes, we were one of the people who waited in line down Marsden Street on the opening day to be amongst the first to taste one of the famous burgers in the west and we’ve been back since.


So what have we tried?

The Cheese and Bacon burger. A classic cheeseburger, amped up with crispy, salty bacon and then freshened up with some tomato and lettuce. So juicy, so tasty.

Burger Project Parramatta

The Mushroom Deluxe burger. Similar to the Cheese and Bacon but the bacon has been swapped out for a crumbed confit mushroom. Heaven. Absolute heaven. There is also a vegetarian version of this available without the beef pattie (the Magic Mushroom).

  Burger Project Parramatta

The Fried Chicken & Bacon Katsu burger. Super succulent free range chicken with bacon and some fresh lettuce, pickles and coleslaw. It’s topped off by a housemade Japanese style Katsu sauce making this extra moist and delectable.

Burger Project Parramatta    Burger Project Parramatta

Chips. The perfect accompaniment to any burger! The chips at Burger Project are golden fries, but what you must do is get a side of the Chip Dip. It’s sour cream with bacon and chives and it’s the best chip dip you could ever want or need. Forget the ketchup and go for this.

Burger Project Parramatta 

Drinks. Sweet sodas are made in house. The Strawberry Soda is reminiscent of an old fashioned creaming soda. But the shakes are just out of this world. Strawberry is super sweet and delightful, but a chocoholic just wouldn’t be able to go past the Valrhona Chocolate. It’s so rich and velvety. Add some malt and you are in choc shake heaven. But if these beverages aren't quite your cup of tea, Burger Project serves grog too. The wines are made especially for the restaurant group. The Project White is a lovely drop and nice with a chicken burger.

burger Project Parramatta Burger Project Parramatta Burger Project Parramatta

Soft serve. This is made fresh, in house, each day using milk and cream with natural flavourings. We tried the Blueberry Pie which is a creamy vanilla ice cream with a saucy blueberry compote and buttery crumble. Then there is the Nuts About Chocolate. A luscious choccy ice cream with crunchy choccy praline.

   burger Project Parramatta

Both the soft serves were just divine. If for some odd reason you didn’t like burgers, Burger Project is worth visiting just for the soft serve!

Burger Project Parramatta  Burger Project Parramatta  burger Project Parramatta

Burger Project, all that is left to say is thank you for finally opening in Western Sydney! And we’d love to see more Burger Project restaurants open up around the region soon.

Burger Project Parramatta
Address: Shop 1-2, 134-140 Marsden Street, Parramatta 2150
Open: Monday to Friday 11am to 9pm, Sunday 11am to 8pm
Price: Burgers range between $9.50 and $14.90

Disclaimer: One of our meals at Burger Project Parramatta was complimentary