Georges Hall isn't one of Western Sydney’s best known food hubs but just off Henry Lawson drive there's an assortment of restaurants nestled beside the Georges River. One these restaurants is Adagio’s Steakhouse, formerly known as Adagio's Cafe. We learnt that Adagio's owner Chris loves nothing more than good food and wine and it was his passion for cooking more meaty dishes which steered him to change the food focus at Adagio's, from cafe to steakhouse. We called in on a cool wintery evening to be warmed up with some good food and wine.

Adagio's Georges Hall

When we first arrived at Adagio's we thought this place seemed a little quirky, but the atmosphere was friendly so we settled in comfortably with smooth glass of the house red, which turned out to be a very nice drop!

 Adagio's Georges Hall  Adagio's Georges Hall  Adagio's Georges Hall

We chose to sit inside for dinner as the evening was quite cool but If you like to dine al fresco, a large open veranda offers river views and a cosy spot for lunch on sunny winter's day.

  Adagio's Georges Hall  Adagio's Georges Hall  Adagio's Georges Hall

The menu lists a nice selection of seafood, steaks, ribs, burgers, pasta and something we didn't expect to see in a steakhouse, a small but varied vegan menu. We started off with something light and fresh, the Seafood Plate for Two.  

Adagio's Georges Hall   A Seafoodplate Adagios

This entree of coconut crumbed prawns, buttery huon smoked salmon, freshly grilled balmain bugs and tender baby octopus really impressed us. To compliment the seafood Adagio's serve up two house made dipping sauces, a seafood sauce and a mango aioli. To be honest, I would be just as happy with a squeeze of lemon to make the the freshness and quality of that seafood shine. I would also be happy to make this a seafood plate for one and keep it all myself as a main. 

  Adagio's Combo  Adagio's

Speaking of main course, for our second round, we shared the Adagio's Combo, their signature dish of 12 hour sous vide Cape Grim beef ribs, pork ribs and a thick fillet steak cooked to your preference (ours is medium rare). The tender ribs were glazed with a thick tasty bbq sauce which added char and smoke to the tender tasty fall off the bone pork and beef. The fillet steak was tender and juicy but the ribs were the real star of this massive plate of meat.

Adagio's Georges Hall  Adagio's Georges Hall

We also ordered the vegan Stir Fried Smashed Potato as a side. Its more than just a potato dish, the plate is piled with tasty charred pumpkin, softly wilted spinach, crunchy snow peas and a flavour pack of herbs and spices. You don't need to be vegan to enjoy a dish like this.


We had well and truly eaten our fill but there is always room for dessert. We went with a couple of restaurant classics, Tiramisu and Sticky Date Pudding. The Tiramisu is pleasant but we missed that finishing dust of chocolate which adds colour and an extra layer of chocolaty flavour to this famous Italian dessert.

A tiramisu  Adagios Sticky Date Pudding    

The sticky date pudding was more our style, the first spoonful of this warm rich dessert felt like a big loving hug. The soft date pudding is served with lashings of sticky sweet house made butterscotch sauce and a good quality complimenting fig ice cream. It's one of those desserts you just can't stop eating.

Adagio's Georges Hall  Adagio's Georges Hall

Adagio's is a family friendly venue with a relaxing local favourite feel. The quality of the food, friendly staff and its appealing location beside the Georges River makes dining here a really enjoyable experience.


Adagio's Steakhouse

Location:  1/56 Raboul Road Georges Hall

Hours: Seven Days lunch and dinner

Menu and Bookings:


Disclaimer:The Western Sydney Food blog dined as guests of Adagio's Steakhouse.