Paddy's have joined the Western Sydney food truck frenzy with the recent launch of Paddy's Night Food Markets in Flemington. In its first few weeks the markets  have attracted a large crowd of people keen to rev up their Saturday night with some food truck fare, arcade games and a party atmosphere. We were there too, and were blown away with both the crowd and the food!

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Paddy's night markets are held undercover on the bottom level of the Sydney Markets Carpark. They started off low key with a few small teaser events, but since they officially launched in July, the food truck nights have been huge.

Paddy's Night Food Markets    Paddy's Night Food Markets   Paddy's Night Food Markets

We called into the markets last week and experienced a massive line up of 36 food trucks offering up some of the best street food in Sydney. Despite long queues at some specific food vendors, we found we didn't have to wait too long before we were eating something tasty. We started off our night with an all American Cheese Burger from the pitmasters at The Hardstyle Kitchen. This burger was a real hunger buster! It consisted of a Texas style burger grilled medium under a blanket of melting cheese inside a roaring pit BBQ, then it was layered between soft milk buns with slaw, mayo and a robust BBQ sauce.

Paddy's Night Food Markets   Paddy's Night Food Markets   Paddy's Night Food Markets

But it wasn't just all burgers, wings and BBQ at these markets, we came across plenty of tasty authentic multicultural flavours too. We watched on as bread was baked in a tandoor and for the first time ever, we tucked into some Sri Lankan hoppers! Hopper Hut Sydney had several stoves on the go churning out Hoppers which are perfect bowl shaped crispy crepes topped with a rich creamy curry and an optional egg. These were deliciously pepped up with a sambal and fresh pomegranate. I would happily line up for these again and again!

Paddy's Night Food Markets   Paddy's Night Food Markets   Paddy's Night Food Markets

Next, we grabbed some fluffy Bao and Duck Fries from Bao Stop! Its hard to top a delicate steamed bao bun wrapped around a juicy piece of pork belly with a sticky sweet sauce and crispy Asian greens, these were my favourite bite of the night! The Duck Fries were to die for, crispy potato fries loaded up with pulled Peking duck dripping with a fragrant golden sauce, yum!

Paddy's Night Food Markets   Paddy's Night Food Markets   Paddy's Night Food Markets

We took a break before dessert to soak up some party atmosphere by playing a few arcade games and checking out the show and shine. It was obvious that the people around us were enjoying the night as much as we were.

Paddy's Night Food Markets   Paddy's Night Food Markets   Paddy's Night Food Markets

There were some pretty impressive dessert options available including creme brulee, panna cotta and trendy matcha icecreams, but we couldn't resist the lure of Glow in the Dark Fairy Floss by Fluffy Crunch. We also loved the theatre of seeing our fairy floss freshly spun and wrapped around a fun light up stick. The floss tastes amazing too, we ended up getting some take home packs in a few adventurous flavours. 

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Paddy's Night Food Markets exceeded our expectations. We knew it would be packed so we turned up about 20 mins before the trucks started serving, this gave us the opportunity to have a look at all the vendors and plan our tasting route.  No night at the food markets will be the same as the food trucks may differ each week. The Paddy's night food markets have a great eclectic vibe and offer a fantastic night for the whole family!

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Paddy's Night Food Markets 

Open: Every Saturday night from 6.30 pm 

Location: Syndey Markets, 250-318 Parramatta Road Homebush West



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