I dream of travelling the world to experience food and culture in many exotic locations. To explore every place on my list, I may need to win Powerball, but in the meantime there's another way to discover the flavours of the world without having to apply for a passport. Meet the World is a new meal box service which just kicked off in Sydney. The founders are two traveling foodies Jo Lo and Eddy, they have combined their passion for food and travel to bring Sydneysiders the world on a plate. Their first food box took me all the way to Brazil!

 Meet the World

Meet the World offers two types of food box, a fresh box or a pantry box filled with goodies from a feature country each month. The pantry box contains specialty products you can pop straight into your pantry and nibble at your leisure. The fresh box contains the ingredients and recipes for a two course meal for two. You can treat yourself as a one off, or subscribe for a monthly delivery and have the world delivered to your door.

Meet the World

This month I trialled the very first Meet the World fresh box and tasted the South American flavours of Brazil. Unboxing the contents was exciting as the ingredients are so beautifully presented. Love and care goes into the packing of each box, the perishables are packed on ice, Jo Lo and Eddy even bubble wrap the eggs! I was excited to find a delicious snack of coconut kisses to munch on while I read through my new Brazilian recipes.

Meet the World . Meet the World

The recipes were for a saffron enriched Moqueca De Peixe - Brazilian Fish Stew. And a Dessert, Queijadinha - Brazilian Coconut and Cheese Sweets. There was also a sheet of trivia questions and facts about Brazil to help get the dinner conversation flowing. 

Meet the World

 My box was delivered on a Friday but I didn't cook until Sunday, I just put all the chilled ingredients into the fridge and they stayed super fresh. 

Meet the World

The whole meal  was easily whipped up in just over 40 minutes, I only had to supply olive oil, salt and pepper and a basic pot and pan. Everything was pre measured so I just needed to do a little chopping, sauteing, and simmering to bring the meal together.

Meet the World

The result was beautiful coconut rich, saffron hued, Moqueca de Peixe. This was served this with fluffy rice and fresh coriander. The meal was lighter than I expected South American food to be, delicate in flavour and deliciously healthy.  My appreciative dinner date was my older son who loved being spoilt with something new coming out of the Kitchen. The portions were very generous, the whole meal would have easily catered for three hungry people. 

iBraziian Fish Stew

The yummy little cheese sweets were a four ingredient wonder which only took minutes to prepare. We could have added ice cream and turned them into a more luxurious dessert but they were delicious enough to eat on their own slightly warm from the oven.  The recipe made 12 so we shared a few and froze a few. I was hooked on these from the very first bite, they are a little like a cheesecake and a little like a macaroon, just delicious. My friends loved them too, so much that they texted me to let me know! 

Queijadinha - Brazilian Coconut and Cheese Sweets 

If your looking to impress a special someone with a fancy meal for two, a Meet the World Fresh box is perfect. It works out cheaper than if you had to purchase all the special ingredients for the recipes. 

Queijadinha - Brazilian Coconut and Cheese Sweets

Meet the World's fresh box is a great way to explore the world through food and get a bit of a cooking lesson at the same time. I loved my journey to Brazil. To keep myself inspired I have been reading some great recipes on the Meet the World website, but I can’t wait to place my order for next month's food location - Morocco!


Meet The World

Prices and Delivery Locationshttps://meettheworld.com.au/


My Meet the World box experience was compliments of Meet the World.


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