Parramatta is currently trending as a hotspot for foodies. One place getting plenty of social media attention is Bay Vista, a dessert bar near the river on Church Street. This place has everything a dessert lover could dream of, massive ice cream bowls, cocktail glass desserts, fluffy pancakes, and Nutella on tap. The food scene in Parra is looking sweet.

 Bay Vista Parramatta  Bay Vista Parramatta

Bay Vista has been a local institution in Brighton Le Sands since 1991. Their desserts are so popular that the owners went upscale with their new Parramatta cafe, it’s bigger than the original boasting two floors of seating and multiple dessert stations.

Bay Vista Parramatta  Bay Vista Parramatta

Browsing the menu is enough to make you drool but if you want a closer look at all the treats, take a walk by the mouth watering cake bar, decadent ice cream cabinet, or the pancake corner where the chocolate taps are always flowing.

Bay Vista  Bay Vista

We visited Bay Vista to completely indulge ourselves and tasted items from both their sweet and savoury menu, starting with some drinks. The Next Level Ice Chocolate is an icy cold blend of Nutella, cookie fudge ice cream and milk finished off with whipped cream and chocolate flake. It’s really a dessert in itself! We also sipped a Strawberry Smoothie made with fresh strawberries, ice cream and milk. This is a great fruity option if you’re not a chocoholic.

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The savoury items include a nice selection of Crepes and Toasties which are great as a light snack or lunch. If you’re craving something hot, the Fried Chicken is crispy and succulent. We also loved the juicy Cheese Burger with plenty of mustard and pickle to amplify those big burger flavours.

Bay Vista Fried Chicken  Bay Vista Parramatta

On to the desserts! First up, the Tropical Pavlova. We ordered this when we spied one being delivered to another table. It’s a new spin on the classic pav comprising of marshmallow meringue, white chocolate sauce, whipped cream, passionfruit, banana, berries and kiwi fruit layered in a large dessert glass. A little ice cream cone adds a whimsical touch to this traditional Aussie dessert.

Bay Vista Tropical Pavlova

We also had the White Strawberry Pancakes - two huge thick fluffy pancakes that are served with lashings of warm white chocolate, fresh strawberries, strawberry sauce and ice cream. This combination of flavours over soft warm pancakes is totally irresistible, we kept on having just one more spoonful.

White Strawberry Pancakes  Bay Vista Parramatta

Finally, we tasted one of the best selling desserts on the Bay Vista menu, the Inca Gold. This dessert is served in a tall curvy cocktail glass with layers of chocolate ice-cream, chocolate fudge, melted chocolate, chocolate drops, fresh strawberries and whipped cream. The look and taste of the Inca Gold is decadent.

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After so much sugar a good coffee is a nice balancer to finish on. We went for our usual skinny cap and skinny latte, I guess we had to compromise on the calories somewhere. Bay Vista is an exciting addition to the existing food outlets in Parramatta. Add it to your go-to list, especially if you love desserts! 

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Parramatta Bay Vista
Location: 1/330 Church Street, Parramatta 2150
Hours: 10am - Midnight, Seven days

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The Western Sydney Food Blog dined as quests of Bay Vista.