The wait is over, District 8 is now open at Cabra-Vale Diggers. District 8 Ambassador Adam Liaw cut the opening ribbon during October at an exciting launch which featured a celebration of dancing Chinese Lions. This South-East Asian dining precinct has been styled on the neon lit Hawker Markets of Singapore, and needs to be seen to be believed!

District 8 Cabravale Diggers 

Step inside District 8 and you will discover the many cuisines which lie along Mekong River. The whole quarter has an outdoor market feel, it is comprised of separate food outlets, connected by a common walkway. Hundreds of traditional lanterns hang overhead creating ambient light with their soft coloured glow.

District 8 Cabravale Diggers

The detail inside District 8 is awe inspiring. A wall of golden cats seemingly smile as they wave at passers-by, in fact everywhere you look there is something to catch your eye.

District 8 Cabravale Diggers

I love to stop by the dumpling window and watch the dim sum chefs fill and twist dumplings ready for steaming. Over at the seafood section there's a chilled display of giant oysters and fish tanks filled with huge red lobsters.

District 8 Cabravale Diggers


District 8 Cabravale Diggers

The hanging ducks and pork belly in the BBQ window make my mouth water, as do the fresh Thai salads and exotic juices from the fresh salad and juice bar. And I can never leave District 8 without browsing the bakery!

District 8 Cabravale Diggers

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I have eaten at District 8 three times in the last month, most recently for a weeknight dinner with Mr 12. I sipped a chilled glass of Rothbury Estate Chardonnay for under 4 bucks, while Mr 12 hit up the juice bar for a Coconut, Lime, Lemongrass, Apple and Pineapple Juice, I was impressed with his choice of tantalising flavours.

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Our entrees came from the Dumpling Soup and Congee section. My favourite dumplings at District 8 are the Mushroom Dumplings but this time Mr 12 commanded the menu and selected the Xiao Long Bao, handmade pork dumplings infused with a jelly which turns soupy when cooked. We also had the shrimp and pork Shao Mai with a soy and ginger dipping sauce. We are yet to try the Steamed Pork Buns but they look very tempting.

District 8 Cabravale Diggers  District 8 Cabravale Diggers

For mains we went for big fresh flavours. Mr 12 had the Chicken Pad Thai, a plate of fragrant rice noodles with fresh crispy bean shoots and extra chilli on the side allowing you to control the spiciness of this classic noodle dish.

District 8 Cabravale Diggers   

My choice was Broken Rice. This is served the traditional Vietnamese way, with a marinated pork chop, a pork rissole, shredded pork skin and a fresh salad. The dish is complimented by a small bowl of Nuoc Cham and a steaming hot Soup making it a complete and satisfying meal perfect for a warm spring evening.

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Instead of Dessert, we hit up the juice bar again, this time for a Mint and Pineapple Slushy, the mint adds a refreshing touch to this tropical icy treat. I think we have found our new favourite juice blend.

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If you prefer table service, District 8 has a restaurant called Horizon which offers al la carte Asian dining and private rooms.

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Parents take note, there is a playroom out the back that the kids will absolutely love. District 8 has fast become one of our local favourites, the big variety of food and amazing fit out is why we keep returning!!

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District 8 Cabra-Vale Diggers

Location: 1 Bartley Street Canley Vale

Hours : 11.30 till Late (Bakery till 7.30pm)

Horizon:  Lunch 11.30 - 2.30 Dinner5.3 - 9.30

Website: .