I was given a Mad Millie Cheesemaker kit for my birthday last year which I finally got around to opening on the Australia Day long weekend. I’ve never made cheese before so thought I’d start with something simple – ricotta. Although you don’t need an incubator to make ricotta, the Mad Millie kit comes with the ricotta basket, cheesecloth and of course the recipe which is handy. 


mad millieMad Millie Cheesemaker Kit.

My first attempt was an epic fail and went straight into the bin. I think this was because I stirred the mixture too much and broke up the curd. Determined, I tried again and thankfully it was a success. The ricotta was deliciously creamy. It’s smooth, velvety texture was just what I was hoping for.


making ricotta  ricotta
The Ricotta Mixture and the finished Ricotta.

I ended up using the beautiful homemade ricotta in a simple pasta dish with lemon, olive oil, parmesan and lots of pepper to accompany a roast chicken and salad.

 ricotta pasta  ricotta dinner
The delicious Riccota Pasta and BBQ Chicken Dinner, with a light green salad on the side.

After making natural, preservative free ricotta at home, I will find it hard to ever want to buy ricotta from a store again.  I recommend everyone have a go at making their own ricotta and if it doesn’t work the first time, don’t give up! For more info on how to make your own ricotta with the Mad Millie Cheesemaker kit check out this YouTube clip: