I haven’t hidden my love for the Sydney Markets. One of the reasons why I think they are so great is because I’m always finding weird and wonderful ingredients there. This weekend’s unusual find was breadfruit. I’d never seen it nor heard of it before but after a quick google search I thought ‘what the heck, I’ll give that a go’.





From my googling, I’ve discovered that breadfruit originates from the Pacific and East Indies. When its thick bumpy skin is green it is best to eat as a vegetable but when it ripens further and becomes yellow, it’s best to be eaten as a fruit. As the name suggests, Breadfruit has a starchy, bread-like texture when it is green. It’s been recommended to cook it like a potato – boiled, steamed, baked or fried. I chose to bake it whole then slice the flesh into wedges to pan fry in hot oil


breadfruit prepped


Prior to baking I removed the stalk and cut a cross in the bottom of the tough skin, this would allow the steam to escape. I wasn't sure if I should wrap the breadfruit in foil or not. i decided to wing it and do without the foil as its skin was like a shell. After 90 minutes I took it out of the oven. It was difficult to tell if the breadfruit was cooked or not. There was steam coming out of the stalk end, I took that as a good sign.


breadfruit baked


The cooked breadfruit was extremely hot to handle but I managed to slice it in quarters using a sharp knife and tea towel. I was then able to remove the inedible core and prise the white breadfruit away from its armadillo like skin. The breadfruit pieces were sliced into wedges ready for pan frying.


breadfruit sliced


I pan fried the breadfruit in hot oil and served it in place of potato alongside roast pork and streamed vegetables. After tasting it I could see why it’s used as an alternative to potato. In comparison to potato it had a dryer texture but this may have been my cooking method. The flavour was subtle not unlike mild sweet potato. If I were to cook it again I would use it in a curry or mashed as part of a vegetable patty.

breadfruit served


My fried breadfruit looks a bit like golden pineapple sitting alongside the pork on my husband’s dinner plate! Have you ever eaten breadfruit before? How was it served? What did you think of it?