Images of incredible looking donut desserts have been popping up in our facebook feed a lot lately. These delicious looking creations are from Donut Bomb, an all-donut cafe in Liverpool. Their donuts look totally decadent on a computer screen, so we just had to head out there to indulge in a little weekend treat - brace yourselves for an explosion of yum!

Donut Bomb can be found in the quirky but stand out location of The Grove shopping centre car park in Liverpool. This cool cafe slots into the surrounds unobtrusively and overlooks the fashion outlets across the road (which is another great reason to visit Donut Bomb).

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Reading the menu put us into an instant sugar high. The listings range from a cute Doffle on a stick (a donut waffle) with various choices of toppings, to the more outlandish Triple Donut Tower which is pimped to the max with chocolate fudge sauce, crushed maltesers, nutella and vanilla bean ice-cream.

Donut Bomb, Liverpool

While we discussed our donut options, I sipped on a barista made coffee and let the kids have the pick of the milkshake menu. They went with Peppermint and Oreo shakes which are served in tall decorated cups topped with whipped cream, sprinkles and cookies. The kids wouldn’t let me steal a sip, but they did tell me that their drinks were pretty epic.

Donut Bomb, Liverpool

For donut treats, Mr 12 chose a Nutella Doffle with strawberries and a finishing dust of icing sugar. This is one of the smaller bites from the menu, but it's big on the star ingredient, Nutella! 

Donut Bomb, Liverpool

His mate went the whole hog with a Triple Chocolate Pancake Stack comprising of two donuts topped with Belgian chocolate, chocolate fudge sauce, chocolate ice cream and flake. For a little guy, he sure could put it away, there wasn’t even a chocolate squiggle left on the plate.

Donut Bomb, Liverpool 

I couldn’t go past the French Toast Classic - Two French Toast Donuts with Canadian Maple Syrup, seasonal fruit and double cream. There is also a heavenly White Choc version available with white chocolate, macadamias, caramel sauce and double cream.

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These French Toast Donuts totally won me over with their nice toasty edges and soft pancake-like centre. The maple syrup is served on the side so you can pour on as little or as much as you like. The berries add a lovely touch of freshness to the plate especially the strawberries which compliment the finishing dollop of cream.

If you feel adventurous there are 17 extra toppings to choose from if you wish to sweeten up your donut even more.

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The display cabinet at the counter offers an assortment of take away donuts, we couldn’t resist grabbing a few for the family so they could brighten their day with some donut fun too. 

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 If you are looking to indulge your sweet tooth, Donut Bomb is a blast to visit!

Location: The Grove,  2 - 18 Orange Grove Road Liverpool
Hours: Monday 4pm to 11pm, Tuesday to Friday 11am to 11pm, Weekends 10am to 11pm








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