Dessert aficionado Sarah is a qualified pastry chef, creating delectable sweets for special occasions from her home cake studio in Western Sydney. I have been lucky enough to experience Sarah’s desserts many times, and they never fail to impress. From her buttercream cakes, to desserts cups and macarons, Sarah’s spatula is her wand and what she whips up is magical.

BirthdayCake FreckleCake

Sarah’s desserts are all made to order, and she can create almost any cute or crazy themed cake you have in mind. For mum’s birthday last year, Sarah put together a gorgeous white chocolate and raspberry flavoured cake, with buttercream and fresh flowers to match the party theme. I’ve also seen her chocolate freckle themed birthday cake, a giraffe themed baby shower cake and a caramel popcorn confirmation cake.

CaramelConfirmationCake GiraffeCake

Some of the other flavours of Sarah’s cakes are lemon and poppyseed, chocolate mud, marble mud, caramel mud, and coconut and raspberry. Yum – a tier of each please!

Oreodessertcups StickyDateDessertCups PavlovaDessertCups

Her dessert cups are as equally enticing with cookies and cream, tiramisu, smashed pavlova all available. I’ve also tried her sticky date with her freshly made butterscotch sauce and a delicate praline which was out of this world.

Sarah also makes gorgeous mirror glazed mousse cakes, which I’m yet to try, but they sound phenomenal! I might have to get one for my next cake occasion!


Of course, her cookies and macarons are the perfect accompaniment to any dessert table. These are also a hit whenever I’ve been at a party that she has supplied them to, especially the Bounty flavoured macarons.

BabyShowerCookiespresented BabyShowerCookie

Sarah’s talent and love for what she does shines through in her desserts. They not only look incredible, but they taste amazing too.

To check out more of Sarah’s work, visit her on Facebook or Instagram. You can get more info by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .