Exciting news foodies, Roselands has unveiled its multi-million dollar transformation with the opening of its new one-stop food precinct - The Markets.

Whether you love to eat, drink or cook, The Markets is set to become one of Sydney's favourite food shopping destinations.

The Markets Roselands

We had the privilege to join some of Sydney's top foodies for a taste tour around The Markets with local food Celebrities Hoda Kobeissi from Masterchef 2018, and The Wog With The Grog, Robert Dessanti. Robert and Hoda introduced us to several of The Markets vibrant food retailers, a handful of multicultural family businesses, who each bring something delicious to Roselands.

Soo and Beans Roselands 

We kicked off our tour at Fruit World where owner Charlie Macali handed us a freshly squeezed orange juice. Charlie is a multi-generational provedore who was born into the fresh produce industry. His shelves at Fruit World are abundant with fresh fruit, vegetables and groceries.

49120839907 fb0ab3342b n  Fruit World Roselands

Fruit world recently extended its range even more, with the addition of a Florist and Fresh juice bar.

Fruit Worls Roselands

Pentonzi Poultry, (formally known as AC Poultry) is famous for its Portuguese style BBQ Chicken and crispy hot chips. We tried both - the chips are divine on their own or can be ordered with additional toppings.

Pentonzi Chicken Roselands  Pentonzi Chicken Roselands

Pentonzi also has a long chilled cabinet filled with fresh cut chicken pieces and ready to cook poultry. Everyone can choose a favourite from the array of chicken schnitzel, rissoles, sausages and marinated cuts on display.

Pentonzi Chicken Roselands

Costi Brothers Seafood have brought the excitement and variety of a big fish market to Roselands! The quality of the fresh seafood, salads and sashimi here is incredible.

Costi Brothers Seafood  Costi Brothers Seafood

 Costi Brothers also have their own skilled oyster shucker who makes popping an oyster shell look easy.

oystershucker Costi Brothers Seafood

Delicasella is an Italian food lovers dream. The deli is owned by three brothers and their wives who combine their talents every day to create pizzas, arancini and lasagna from scratch for their new hot food bar.

Deli Casella Roselands  Deli Casella Roslands

Step inside the deli to find everything Italian including an impressive line up of charcuterie for your next grazing board.

Deli Casella Roselands  Deli Casella Roselands

One of the newer faces at Roselands is Fine Cut Meats. You can't miss their eyecatching dry cured meat window or their incredible prices. We stopped here to sample Fine Cut's house-made mortadella and traditional minced lamb. Since the tour, I have returned to Fine Cuts for their famous kafta sausages which are now a family fave.

Fine Cut Meats Roslands  Fine Cut Meats Roselands

Cafe De France has an experienced crepe chef who is dedicated to creating light lacey crepes dusted in icing sugar. They can be filled with all kinds of treats. The banana Nutella and icecream version was popular with our group

De France Roselands  De France Roselands

The final stop on our tour was Jasmine Asia and Middle Eastern Market. This concept store combines Asian and Middle Eastern Groceries with a Soo and Beans Tea bar. We grabbed an iced bubble tea and browsed through all the colourful desserts before shopping for groceries in the Eastern market section. 

   4Bubble Tea Soo and Beans Roselands  Soo and Beans Roselands . 

Soo and Beans Roselands  Soo and Beans Roselands

Eating our way around The Markets was an exciting way to discover all the incredible food that is available at Roselands.

The Markets is also home to three major supermarkets, Aldi, Coles and Woolworths. which makes Roselands the ultimate one stop shopping destination - everything you crave for is here.


Thank you Rojo Consulting and Roselands for inviting us to experience The Markets food precinct.