Feeling incredibly inspired by the charismatic Mr O, tonight I had a go at the pasta challenge. During his Kitchen Talk, Jamie mentioned how quick and easy it can be to whip up a meal completely from scratch when you have the right knowledge - which is what he aims to spread through the Ministry of Food kitchens. Jamie said, by the time a pot of cold water comes to the boil on the stove top, you could whip up pasta from scratch ready to be thrown in!

100g of plain flour, 1 egg, mixed and kneaded together, rolled out and cut into thin shapes all done by the time the water boils? I’ve made fresh pasta before, but not for a long time and definitely not on a week night so I had to give this a go! These measurements serve one but can simply be multiplied to feed plenty more hungry mouths. It’s nothing fancy, but served with a lovely, rich, homemade tomato sauce is absolutely divine and very simple.


simple pasta ingredients   


pasta mix2  pasta dough


 Admittedly, the pasta took me a little longer to make as I chose to pull out my electric pasta machine to make fettuccini and as you can see, stopped to take photos of the process. But, the satisfaction you get from knowing exactly what went into every aspect of your meal is priceless. What is next to priceless is the cost of this meal. A bit of flour, a few eggs and a couple of tins of tomatoes are not going to break the bank. There is definitely no excuse to have a ‘drive-thru’ meal for dinner with a recipe as quick, cheap and tasty as this.


pasta machine 

 pasta cut  pasta fettachini 


 Keep in mind fresh pasta does not need alot of time to cook. I was suprised that my pasta was cooked almost instantly after it was plunged into the boiling water.


Pasta cooking


I was glad I made my sauce first and had it simmering on the the side ready and waiting to complete the meal. The sauce I used on this pasta is inspired by Nigellas ‘Slut’s Spaghetti’. Yes, you did read that correctly. You can find the recipe here: http://www.nigella.com/recipes/view/sluts-spaghetti-5157  


pasta sauce-ingredients  pasta sauce


The meal came together in seconds. I served the pasta with some shaved pecorino cheese and a sprinkle of chopped chives from my garden.


  pasta cooked


It really surprised me how filling the homemade pasta compared to the usual packet spaghetti. I felt really satisfied when I completed the meal. This could be because my homemade pasta contained the goodness of a whole egg along with all the other filling and healthy ingredients.

Now I have completed this challenge I can agree with Jamie, yes you can whip up fresh pasta in the amount of time it take your pot of water to boil. It’s that easy!

What is your quick and cheap go-to homemade meal?