A few nights ago I fed the family a roast dinner with a difference. I’ve never cooked with pork neck before but found a great Asian inspired Donna Hay recipe for the infrequently used cut. At $24 from my local butcher the two kilo pork neck was big enough for 7-8 portions; however in my household of big eaters it stretched to about five.

 The recipe called for star anise but as I didn’t have any in my spice rack I substituted with some tarragon from my garden. Tarragon has a similar aniseed flavour and goes well with pork. 

taragon  chinese marinade
Tarragon, garlic and ginger and sauces used to marinage the pork neck.

 Drizzled with pan juices and served alongside some humble roast potatoes and fresh Chinese broccoli, the tender pork neck will become a regular in this household.

pork neck marinade  pork neck
The Pork Neck before and after cooking.



Have a go at cooking this succulent roast for your family. It’s really easy and really enjoyable. Don’t forget if a recipe requires an ingredient that you don’t already have at home, check if you have something that you can use as a substitute.



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