Today I feel blessed as my family and I joined the local Buddhist community in a celebration of vegetarian food. The local Lingyen Mountain Temple of Berala hosted the event at our local park following the official opening of its new Guan Yin Pusa Shrine. Attendees made the short pilgrimage from the shrine at the Lingyen Mountain Temple to Coleman Park and the celebrations began

Regardless of religion or culture everyone was welcome to celebrate with the Buddhist community at this well attended event.


food tent   


On arrival we joined the sea of people to exchange our event tickets for bowls and chopsticks. We then filtered into one of queues to be served vegetarian food from the many cooks and volunteers working at the eight food stations.


veg festival serve


Despite the crowd being quite large it didn’t take too long before our bowls were filled and we were sitting on our picnic blanket enjoying the culture and cuisine before us.


noodle bowl  dance practice


Most of the dishes consisted of rice or noodles with a variety of vegetables, tofu and other meat alternatives. We also were able to pick up some spring rolls and curry puffs to complement our lunch.


spring roll  infor stalls


After enjoying our initial bowls of food we wandered around the several information stalls and enjoyed watching some of the traditional performances.


dancers  tiger dance


The highlight of the event for me was the performance by the Tiger Dance Academy. Their dance was energetic and acrobatic. The tigers engaged with the audience as part of their performance by leering into them for for the occasional friendly pat.  The audience loved it!


tiger dance 3  audience  tiger dance2


At the end of the event we came home with a great feeling of gratitude towards the Buddhist community for allowing us to join with them at their well organised, enjoyable vegetarian festival. They were very generous in sharing their food with us and aptly shared a very important message.




It certainly was a unique way to spend an otherwise quiet, Easter Sunday. How did you spend Easter with your family?