We are spending another family weekend relaxing by the Hawkesbury River at Wisemans Ferry. We have spent our short stay here making the most of the  late autumn scenery which is still a vibrant  blaze of colour. Everywhere we go we have been greeted by autumn coloured leaves floating gently down from their branches creating a soft carpet of nature underneath that will eventually provide nourishment back to earth.


This truly is a beautiful part of Sydney which we have fallen in love with over the past year. If you are like me and enjoy  beautiful scenic country drives then this area is your paradise. The winding country roads over look unspoilt river views interchanging with green pasture and healthy bushland. Some areas enjoy national park status with valleys and mountains adding visual appeal and interest to the landscape. Today we enjoyed one of those meandering country drives just a short 20 kilometres to St Albans for lunch at the Historic St Alban’s Settlers Arms Inn. 


 autumn leaves4  autumn leaves2


There are two different roads you can take to St Albans from Wisemans ferry. Both directions offer ambling scenic country roads dotted with interesting historic cemeteries and winding river views. Its possible to do a loop drive from Wisemans Ferry and arrive back on the other side of the river about 40 kilometres later. St Albans lies somewhere in the middle, it’s the perfect spot for a stretch of the legs and a spot of lunch.


pub side  menu 


The St Albans Settlers Arms inn is rich in history. It was built in 1836 from convict cut sandstone. It is a popular venue for weekend lunch as we discovered on our arrival. The interior of the inn looks mostly untampered with,  many antique embellishments emphasise the historic atmosphere. The generous  outside area provides most of the dining seating either on the verandah or under one of the many shady trees around the grounds. After ordering we chose to sit on the verandah.


st albans 1


The menu was rustic country fare. If I was there for dinner I thought I may have chosen the delicious  sounding seafood pie. I settled on a steak sandwich and then saw the amazing meat pies on mash with peas leaving the kitchen. Was it too late to change my mind? As I pondered that thought lunch arrived along with my reason to make a return trip. I must try that pie one day soon.


steak sandwich  pie


After lunch we enjoyed a walk around the grounds checking out the kitchen garden and antique tractors. We strolled across the road to wander through the park and admire the sandy river banks while listening to an Irish folk band playing music outside one of the tents in the campground. 



kitchen garden


tractor2  tractor 1


To top off a perfect relaxing afternoon I stumbled across a patch of seeded dandelions and taught Mr 8 the joy of making a wish. We enjoyed not only lunch but a memorable family experience. 


park  make wish


 Have you taken the road via Wisemans Ferry to St Alban’s? I hope you found it as pretty as we did.