On Saturday night, we attended the small but lively Liverpool Night Markets. The markets are still in the very early stages of operation, however the number of quality, locally owned businesses that have set up food stalls gives very promising signs for the future of the once a month event. Here are some of the stalls that we tasted from and loved.

Food Lovers Australia

Food Lovers Australia make and sell delicious honey and sesame snacks. Run by a friendly Greek family, Food Lovers Australia offer a cashew, almond, hazelnut, peanut or macadamia variety as well as just plain sesame seed. The delicious slices are cut into a diamond shape and attractively presented in a resealable plastic container. We brought home two containers and the family has already gone through half of them. The remaining will make great work snacks.  

LNM aussie food lovers  

Mammas Jerk Chicken

Mammas Jerk Chicken is a unique concept which sells chicken that is freshly cooked in a large, Jamaican style Jerk Drum. You could have your chicken on a plate with rice, peas and sauce, in a wrap with salad or just go for some chicken wings, which is what we opted for. The wings were mild flavoured, with a great crunch. Beats deep fried wings any day! We can’t wait to have some more of Mammas Jerk Chicken next time we visit the Liverpool Night Markets.

LNM Jerk chicken2  LLM jerk chicken1


Al Martino’s Pizza

Al Martino’s had a fantastic wood fire pizza oven freshly cooking pizzas to order from the back of their trailer. The pizzas looked awesome lined up as they waited to be put into the hot oven – it was also a great place to warm up next to! They tasted great too and had a lovely crisp base. The pizzas were small enough for one or in our case, big enough to share after you’ve already been taste testing so many of the other goodies at the markets. As well as catering, Al Martino’s have restaurants and a jumping castle business which the kids were enjoying on the night.   

LNM pizza  LLN pizza1


Cucina 105

Cucina 105 is a local Italian restaurant that has set up a stall at the markets selling scrumptious handmade donuts. The dough, which is hand rolled and cut into shapes in front of you, is then deep fried, rolled in a sweet and crunchy cinnamon sugar and generously topped with warm Nutella. These were the perfect dessert on a chilly night. We are now looking forward to one day visiting their restaurant and trying their pizzas which are also made with their house made dough.

LNM nutella dough  LNM nuttela dough2


There were plenty of other stalls that looked really appetising and seemed to be quite popular with the crowds, but sadly, there is only so much you can eat in one night! We will definitely be back though and look forward to next time trying Dos Churros and Parrilla Argenchino

LNM churros

Asides from the fresh and tasty, local food stalls, there were also a few other things happening at the Liverpool Night Markets. The kids were kept busy with the Liverpool library which drew a huge crowd at story time. The jumping castle and the Western Sydney Wanderer’s penalty shootout were also very popular. Some other cool things on the night were the friendly staff at the information stand collecting and hanging visitors hand written notes about Liverpool and a DJ playing music at the silent disco. There was also a Samoan opera singing duo which kept visitors who were sitting down with their tasty market treats, entertained. 

LNM silent disco   LNM retrostore 

Overall, the Liverpool Night Markets are a fantastic addition to Western Sydney and have already done a lot to showcase some of the quality local businesses in Liverpool. I can’t wait to watch this fabulous monthly event grow to be even bigger and better. 

LMN SBS  LLN licorice

The next Liverpool Night Markets will be held on Saturday 5 July, from 4.00pm to 9.00pm on Macquarie Street, Liverpool. 


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