Yesterday while I was paying for my items at Big W in Blacktown’s Westpoint, I mentioned that I was hungry but didn’t want ‘food court food’. The lovely lady working behind the check out mentioned that El Jannah was just outside and across the road. Being a long time fan of the original Granville eatery, I was excited to learn that the legendary charcoal chicken had spread it’s wings even further west so I hopped on over to have some lunch.

There isn’t quite as much seating space at Blacktown as there is at the Granville store, but it was still very busy. Some diners decided to order take away and go sit on the library stairs across the road as there were no more seats, but nobody seemed too phased by it. That’s just part of the chilled, easy going atmosphere of El J’s. I also noticed that there is a large function room lined with tables attached to the Blacktown El J’s which was quickly filling up with party guests just as we were leaving.

IMG 20140713 153404

On to the food. Fans of the Granville or Punchbowl stores will not be disappointed by the Blacktown outlet. The food is just as good and will definitely satisfy those chicken and garlic sauce cravings. Ethan and I ordered half a chicken, which came with pickles and garlic sauce, a large chips and a three sides platter on which we ordered hummus, tabouli and coleslaw. We also received complimentary Lebanese bread.

IMG 20140713 173130 IMG 20140713 173214 

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If you’ve never tried El Jannah before then you really need to put it on your list of places to visit. The chicken is moist and juicy, the skin charred so it’s deliciously crispy. And the thick garlic sauce made from the restaurant’s traditional family recipe is so rich and flavoursome. Tip: always order more garlic sauce than what you think you will go through. Believe me, it’s seriously good stuff.

The way I like to eat my El J’s is to take about a quarter of a piece of Lebanese bread and thickly spread hummus and garlic sauce all over it. Top it with some tabouli, pickles and some of that delicious chicken. Roll it up, eat and enjoy the charcoal chicken paradise that you have now entered. The garlic sauce is also awesome for dipping your chips into. Ethan, prefers to eat his by wrapping up chicken, garlic sauce and chips in bread, leaving more pickles and tabouli for me - yay!

IMG 20140713 173514 IMG 20140713 173622

I am happy we chose coleslaw as one of the sides, because I must admit after a while the salt gets a bit too much for me, so a spoonful of coleslaw is a nice way to sweeten things up.

The bill for our meal and two drinks came to a fair $32.

Have you eaten at El Jannah before? What do you normally order?

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