Over the winter months I am taking a break from my usual Saturday morning markets shopping routine in favour of a warm sleep in. I cook differently in winter so I decided to look for a location where I could shop leisurely, indoors on a Sunday morning. I am pretty fussy about fresh produce so I wanted a retailer who offers a huge variety of extremely fresh fruit and vegetables at a reasonable price. Hopefully while I was there I could pick up some general grocery ingredients and a butcher would be a bonus.  This place would need to be open from early on a Sunday morning and offer breakfast and easy parking. That's a pretty tall order but I found the spot that fits the bill quite perfectly.

MFM sign  MFM entrence

Michinbury Fruit Market has been owned and run by the Gauci Family since 1960. This award winning market has developed from its humble beginnings as a roadside vegetable stall, to the fresh produce megastore it is today. I have driven past the market on the Great Western Highway at Minchinbury for over 25 years but never stopped to go inside. I am ashamed it took me so long!

MFM long aisle  MFM broccoli

When I first entered Minchinbury Fruit Market I thought to myself, this place represents what every supermarket should be. It was a supermarket in reverse order. In the centre of the store taking up the majority of the floor space were four incredibly long fresh fruit and vegetable aisles. These were brimming over with an abundant variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. I had not seen this amount or variety in one location outside of the Sydney Markets.

MFM Capsicum  MFM cabbage

You could select your own fruit or veg or take advantage of some of the prepacks in handy sizes. I picked up prepacked snow peas as I only needed enough for one recipe. There were trays of mixed broccoli and cauliflower that I thought would be great for smaller families.

MFM sprouts  MFM prepack

Around the perimeters of the store were all the other ingredients you would ever need to cook healthy, creative meals. A long chill cabinet was filled with many types of cheese, dairy and other perishable goods including ready made salads.  Shelves were stacked with continental and familiar grocery lines. I lost count of the variety of oils and condiments on offer. There are breads of every variety and enough herbs, spices, pulses, grains and gourmet ingredients to keep any cook happy. In fact this place with its colourful jars and raw ingredients is the Aladin's Cave for cooks. Every time I go there I see something new. You really need to give yourself time to explore the shelves and aisles at length to fully apprieciate what's on offer.

MFM peppers  MFM pickled onions

MFM preserved  MFM capers

Trading under the same roof is the Marathon Meat House, a complete butcher with an impressive range of fresh meats and poultry. I have been picking up tender lamb back straps here for $16.99 a kilo which is quite a bargain. Their variety is so huge that I have decided that if they haven't got it, no one has.

MFM sausage  MFM scfillet

At this market, I can do the majority of my fresh food and grocery shopping without having to venture out to several other shops. I love the fact that I am supporting a longstanding western Sydney family business who offers the community a great variety and service. The owners of the fruit market work at the floor level of the business. Early one sunday morning I had a helpful chat to one of the staff who was busily topping up the broccoli . He patiently stopped his task and showed me where several items were located while proudly telling me about some of the stores health lines . I mentioned to the checkout operater how helpful he was and I found out he was one of the family members who owned the store.

MFM murals  MFM chilled1

In regards to pricing, I was happy with my bill at both the butcher and the fruit market. Fresh food and meat here is definitely cheaper than the standard supermarkets. The grocery and chilled lines were quite competitive with the more mainstream supermarkets. Most items were on par or cheaper. A few of the branded items may have been slightly more expensive. I took the 'lose on the swings, gain on the roundabout' attitude and found the all round bill was enough to keep me more than happy. The fact that I could pick up a bottle of olive oil for $3.99 made me not so concerned when I paid only slightly more than usual for my coffee.

MFM oil  MFM oil3

MFM cheese  MFM pasta

With many brands to select from there was plenty of opportunity to balance the shopping budget. I dont think my local supermarket offered as many good brands of mayonaise or mustard.

MFM mayonaise  MFM Flour

If you go out to Minchinbury Fruit Market take time to notice the history of the family and store reflected around the walls. The pictures tell the story of how the family business began with Sam Gauci on his farm in 1960. It's Sam’s four children that run the market today. A nice tribute to this family achievement.

MFM mural  MFM mural1

Michinbury Fruit Market is open seven days per week from 7.30am. Check their home page for their address details and trading hours.

MFM jam  MFM onions

After you do your shopping on the weekend make sure you also grab some breakfast or lunch from the awesome bbq out the front on your way out.

bbq1  MFM bbq

My favourite combo is bacon, egg, capsicum and onion on a roll with bbq sauce. Sure beats cooking it yourself.