Harris Park is well known for being the Indian hub of Sydney. Wigram Street and those surrounding it are lined with Indian restaurants and shops making it a butter chicken lover’s paradise. We are regular visitors to this spicy neck of the woods and tend to try a new restaurant each time we visit.

The other night, we gave Spice of Life a go. We went to Spice of Life with the intention of trying their chicken tikka pizza as a part of our ‘pizza in western Sydney’ series, however, to my disappointment they no longer serve it. But the disappointment quickly faded when our meal arrived at our table.

Our entrée was almost a meal in itself. It was the Spice of Life mixed platter for two. There were large, house made samosas filled with potato, peas with a mild curry flavour. Two round, crumbed and fried vegetable patties with a similar flavour were next. Accompanying those were tender thigh pieces of chicken tikka as well as a lamb kafta skewer each. Each tasting item was delicious and filling. The platter was also served with two sauces; a mint yogurt and a red sauce. I asked the waiter what the red sauce was. He looked at me with a confused face and said ‘I don’t know. We just call it red sauce’. ‘Awesome, it must taste like red’, I joked. But it was more of a tangy barbeque flavoured sauce. Both sauces went well with all our tasting items.

Spice of Life Samosa  Spice of Life Red Sauce Spice of Life Chicken Tikka

For our main we went for the western world’s favourite Indian dish, butter chicken. The Spice of Life’s butter chicken is probably up there as one of my favourites that I’ve tried in the area. The chicken pieces are quite large and cooked in the traditional way; skewered and slightly charred. The tender chicken is served in a thick, rich, butter chicken sauce and topped with a sprinkling of slivered almonds and coriander. We ate this with some rice and some fresh, airy naan bread.

Spice of Life Rice Spice of Life Butter Chicken Spice of Life Naan Bread

We were completely stuffed after our lovely dinner at Spice of Life thanks to the generous portion sizes. It’s a great casual dining spot in the heart of Harris Park with some entertaining Bollywood music videos being played on the TV screens on the walls, such as the one below.

Location:  116 Wigram Street, Harris Park 2150
Phone: 9762 1033 
Open: Lunch and Dinner 7 Days 
Price: Mains range from $11 to $22

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