It was a cold and rainy Saturday morning, but that didn’t stop us from leaving the house at 6.30am and heading off to the beautiful Camden Produce Markets. The markets are held every second and fourth Saturday of the month and allow only farmers or producers to sell their goods. It is also a fairly small market and is the only one in Australia to be held on a working farm. All this gives the Camden Produce Markets a great vibe, full of people that are passionate about fresh, Aussie produce. The breathtaking view isn’t bad, either.  

Camden Produce Markets Farm Camden Produce Markets Farm Camden Produce Markets Farm 

St Helen’s Park Bakery

The pie stall which was operated by Great Aussie Pie Competition judge, Ron, immediately caught our eye with its freshly baked, family-sized pies. There were cherry, apple, rhubarb, passionfruit and apricot pies, as well as quiches and meat pies. After much umming and ahhing we ended up taking home a delicate lemon meringue pie which we had for dessert that night. We revisited Ron’s stall on the way out to to try the Pie-Royalty's hot, single-serve meat pie and pumpkin roll. There is a good reason why Ron is the country’s pie judge! 

 Camden St Helens Park Bakery Pies St Helens Park Bakery Quiche Camden St Helens Park Bakery Camden Pies

 Top 40 Orchard and Kerrie’s Jams and Chutneys

The lovely women running these two stalls are good friends and have pushed their marquees together because as well as selling their own products, they also have a joint range. Top 40 Orchard sell freshly picked citrus, heirloom pumpkins, raspberry trees and a line of preservative free syrups. The syrups are made with citrus and berries grown on the farm. Kerrie’s Jams and Chutneys sell, you guessed it, jams and chutneys, as well as some other sweet treats. From the girls, we took home a pumpkin, chutney and some Australian limes which we'd never heard of before. They were described to us as ‘the citrus with an identity problem’. They look and peel like a mandarin, but taste like a sweeter lemon. A really unusual, but nice fruit!

Top 40 Orchard Camden Markets Top 40 Orchard Preservative Free Camden Markets 

Prickle Farm Bakery

This stall sells freshly baked sweet goods. The sole seller and baker of this line, told us that her focus is flavour and catering for all lovers of cookies and cake. For this reason, she has created gingery, fruity and chocolatey cookies which come in either crispy or chewy. She has also managed to create some lovely cakes that are gluten free, but actually taste and feel like a normal, moist cake! Her other stroke of genius is creating a baked-in-the-tray, maple-glazed, cinnamon scroll masterpiece, which is to die for. She mentioned that she has created larger versions of these to use as birthday cakes. You can catch her at the markets or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to place an order.

 Cookie Prickle Farm Bakery Camden Prickle Farm Bakery Camden Markets Cookie

Prickle Farm Bakery Cake Gluten Free Camden Gluten Free Camden Prickle Farm Bakery

Razorback Olive Grove

The lovely gentleman that makes and sells his antipastos, dips and oils didn’t realise how well known he is! We had heard of his olive farm before after reading about it online. ‘I didn’t put it there’, he assured us, ‘I don’t know how to use the internet!’. After amazing him with Google’s ability to spell ‘Tzatziki’ and then proceeding to fix up his sign so it no longer read as ‘Djaciki’, we bought some of his homemade haloumi and olive dip, which went down a treat the following day. Meeting this friendly and funny chap was one of the highlights of our morning.

Haloumi Razorback Camden Markets Razorback Camden Markets Olive Oil

Razorback Tzatiki Camden Markets Ricotta Razorback Camden Markets

Highland Gourmet Potatoes

These spud guys have a potato variety for every day of the month! The huge selection including names we had never heard of before looked incredible and the entirely purple potato, Midnight Pearl, just blew our minds. We bought a mixed bag of roasting potatoes which went well with our roast lamb. 

Potatoes Highland Gourmet Camden Markets Highland Gourmet Potatoes Camden Markets 

The other stalls that we saw at the Camden Produce Markets included about three stalls of fresh fruit and vegetables, a couple of bakeries, some fresh cut flowers, potted orchards, herb seedlings, soaps, mushrooms and some butchers.

Camden Produce Market Camden Produce Market Camden Produce Market

Camden Produce Market Camden Produce Market Camden Produce Market

Camden Produce Market Camden Produce Market Camden Produce Market

Camden Produce Market Camden Produce Market

We bought our fruit and veg for the week here as well as some beautiful flowers both for gifts and for home. After leaving the markets and having a squiz at the community gardens next door, we headed into the Camden town centre.

Camden Community Garden Camden Community Garden

We popped into the Epicure Store and picked up some artisan cheeses and pasta. It was a beautiful cottage styled store selling some fine quality, unique food products.

Epicure Store Camden Epicure Store Camden Cheese Epicure Store Camden Pasta

Epicure Store Camden Pasta Epicure Store Camden Cheese Epicure Store Camden Cheese 

We had a fantastic morning at the Camden Produce Markets. Meeting all the friendly, passionate and hardworking growers and producers gives you a greater appreciation of where our food comes from. The beautiful colours of all the produce and the gorgeous outdoor setting is an experience that you just can’t get while pushing a trolley through the aisles of a supermarket. All the produce is very reasonably priced and of the best quality.

Camden Produce Market Camden Produce Market Camden Produce Market Love Birds