The sun seems to be rarely making appearances lately, so when it decided to poke its head out the other day, we drove to Picton to make the most of it. We went to the gorgeous Common Ground café and bakery at the Razorback Inn. This beautiful place that is run by an alternative religious group has been on our agenda for ages, so we were thrilled to finally visit.

Blossoms Common Ground Picton Common Ground Picton Porch Common Ground Picton Cafe

Common Ground is set on a large property where bellbirds whistle, diners relax in the garden, salad leaves are grown, bread is baked and functions can be held. A swing tied to a tree is a hit with the kids and the tables with flowers and plants are appreciated by the grownups. The friendly staff live on the site, too – no wonder the café feels so homely.

Common Ground Picton Cactus Common Ground Picton Cafe 

Common Ground Picton Cafe Common Ground Picton Fun Swing

 If I haven’t convinced you yet, the food certainly will. It is worth travelling from wherever you are in Sydney for. The menu is several pages long, filled with plenty of down to earth options and presented in a book with lots of quirky hand drawn images throughout, making it a real pleasure to read. 

 Common Ground Menu Razorback Australian Native flowers picton

I ordered the Deli Rose sandwich. A soft onion bread roll, filled with silverside, roast beef, cheese, onion, tomato, mustard and tomato sauce. On the side, a pickle and potato crisps. This delicious sandwich really reminded me of my trip to the USA, although the serving size was much more appropriate. 

Deli Rose Common Ground Picton Deli Rose Common Ground Picton 

My little bro had the barramundi burger, also served with potato crisps and a pickle. The grilled fish was cooked nicely and we enjoyed picking at his left overs. Mum went for the beef stroganoff pie and generous side salad, made with greens grown on the property. There is nothing better than homemade pies and this was no different.

Barramundi Burger Common Ground Picton Common Ground Picton Pie

Mum was very happy with her coffee, as was I with my strawberry smoothie. We bought some fresh bread and peanut butter cookies to take back home with us which were appreciated by all.

Common Ground Latte Picton strawberrie smoothie commong ground picton Common Ground Picton Cookie Bread 

Common Ground is a fantastic Sunday lunch spot (they are not open on Saturday’s as this is a day of rest for the community that run the café) or you could pop in for a takeaway pie or some bread if you are just quickly passing by. Hopefully the sunshine starts to visit us more often so we can enjoy some more soulful lunches at this unique dining spot in the greater west.

Common Ground Plant Common Ground Kettle


Address: 1580 Remembrance Drive, Picton 2571
Phone: 4677 0600
Open: Sunday to Thursday 9am to 8pm, Friday 9am to 3pm, closed Saturdays
Price: Cheap!

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