It’s an exciting time in western Sydney with the October Good Food Month now full swing . From what I have experienced so far, western Sydney is definitely the place to celebrate Sydney’s big annual food event. Yesterday I ventured out to the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre with my nine year old son. We were there to tempt our sweet tooth at the Sweet As Festival 2014. As an added bonus we were treated to some art and culture with many colourful art exhibits on show around the desserts.

swe stall  SWE Flowers  swe zecho

Sweet As was a small but satisfying festival held on the ground floor of the Casula Powerhouse. Celebrating cultural diversity, there were approximately 10 stalls offering delightful sweet delicacies from all over the globe. Sweets to satisfy every palate from Italy, Greece, India, Lebanon, Pacific Islands and even some asian inspired lamingtons just to name a few.

swe greek1  swe gre1  swe lam 

swe leb  sweet pinepie  swe india   

We checked out the sweets together then checked out the surrounding art , most of it was cool enough to intrigue both myself and Mr Nine. Without revealing too much in case you want to go and check it out for yourself here is a snippet of some of the exhibits we perused after we enjoyed our chocolate, cannoli, persian fairy floss and coconut wafers.

swe choc  swe wafer  swe canoli

We arrived in time to see the mysterious Easter Island exhibit opened by Liverpool Mayor Ned Mannoun. This exhibit shows how the stone figures of Easter Island have been depicted in popular culture. The exhibition was previously on show in Britain and Oslo before arriving at the Casula Powerhouse.

swe mayor  swe ea2  swe ea1

At the Pacifica Gods exhibit we first admired paintings by the Pacific artist Alan Lakisoe.

swe lasko  swe lasko1

Next the statues, shields and masks had us captivated with their colour and character.

swe haka  swe statues  swe sheilds

We couldn’t leave the Sweet As festival without bringing a few treats home. I was hoping to have a sample of the coconut bun later in the day but it seemed to disappear during my afternoon nap!

swe bickie  swe cocobun  swe hometre

Sweet As was a one day event. Later this month on the 25th of October 2014 the Casula Powerhouse will hold a food celebration of the Pacific Islands.  BBQ Pacifica will be a celebration of food, art and entertainment. It looks like an exciting program. Check the Casula Powerhouse webpage for further details of their current and future events.