We recently visited a small, rustic café. The walls were styled with exposed brick, corregated iron, timber and tiles. The seating area was a covered green house, surrounded by hanging ferns. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this hole in the wall café was located in somewhere like Balmain, but in fact it’s in western Sydney’s Liverpool.

Ristretto and Co Liverpool Cafe Ristretto and Co Liverpool Cafe Ferns Liverpool Cafe Ristretto Brunch

Connected to the neighbouring hairdresser, Ristretto and Co. immediately caught our eye with its sidewalk coffee stand and very cool ladder plant shelves. Once we stepped inside and walked down the narrow corridor past the kitchen, we were surprised to find a decent sized dining space. We sat at our table which was adorned with a spray painted table number, and eagerly looked over the breakfast menu.

Liverpool Ristretto Breakfast Cafe Hipster Cafe Western Sydney Liverpool Table Setting Hipster Cafe Liverpool Sydney

Ristretto Menu Cafe Liverpool Sydney Cafe Ristretto Brunch Hipster Western Sydney Menu Ristretto Liverpool Cafe

I ordered the uovo in pomodoro which was an egg poached in a tomato sauce with chorizo, served beautifully in a terracotta pot. The tomato sauce was deliciously rich in flavour and the chorizo was surprisingly cooked as meatballs which I quite liked. Although the egg white was not cooked enough for my liking (one of the few food things I’m really fussy about), it could be forgiven as it was okay once mixed through pomodoro sauce. The toasted sourdough served on the side was great for soaking up the flavoursome mixture.

Pomodoro Uovo Eggs Brunch Liverpool Ristretto Bread Sourdough Cafe Ristretto Liverpool Sydney

Ethan ordered the bacon and egg brioche roll. He loved it so much he literally had finished it before I had even started mine (though I did spend a few minutes taking photos). The bright yellow yolk was enough to give me some serious breakky envy. I think that’s what I will be ordering next time! I also ordered a hot chocolate to sip. It was one of the best I’ve ever had. Made with lindt chocolate, it is a chocoholic’s delight. It was served on a cute, mint green saucer.

Bacon Egg Brioche Roll Ristretto Liverpool Cafe Sydney Lindt Hot Chocolate Ristretto Cafe Liverpool Sydney

Ristretto and Co. have done a nice job at creating a great little hipster-inspired joint in the heartland of western Sydney.

Location: 158 Northumberland St, Liverpool
Phone: 9821 1880
Hours: Monday to Friday, 6am to 4pm. Saturday 7am to 3pm.
Price: $9 to $18

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