I don’t mean to alarm anyone but OMG AMAZING NEW COCKTAIL LOUNGE IN PARRAMATTA. For months now, I have been pushing my Google search skills to the limit, desperately hoping that I would discover a cocktail bar close to home in western Sydney. I had little success. That is, until now.

Edit: Mixology has now relocated to Newtown.

Mixology Lounge has recently opened up on Wentworth Street right near much loved Parra café, Circa and is conveniently close to the train station and taxi rank. It is more than a bar but not quite a night club. We spoke with owner, Sergei, who told us how Mixology Lounge is his vision of a place where people can go to enjoy a top quality drink and each other’s company. The music, subdued lighting and black and blue colour scheme give the large space an intimate atmosphere. Oh, and there are none of those pesky poker machines to kill the vibe.

Mixology Lounge Parramatta Mixology Lounge Parramatta

Mixology Louge Parramatta Mixology Lounge Parramatta

Mixology Lounge prepared a tasting menu for our visit and it did not fail to impress. We sipped on incredible concoctions of spirits, juices, herbs and house made flavourings which incorporated the magic of liquid nitrogen and smoke. First off was the Matta of Thyme. Served in a gorgeous martini glass, this sweet and sour sensation made with raspberry and gin was complimented by the unpredictable flavour of a fresh sprig of thyme. And I could not get enough of the popping candy rim!

Mixology Lounge Parramatta Mixology Cocktail Parramatta Mixology Parramatta Cocktail

Next up was the palate awakening Cilantro and Ginger Sorbet. Frozen with liquid nitrogen and then served in a cone shaped glass, this felt like we were having an adult’s version of an icy. The complex coriander and ginger flavours were fused with rum, orange juice and lime juice. It really packed a punch and went well with our refreshing entrée of watermelon, feta and avocado salad.

Mixology Lounge Parramatta Ginger Cilantro Cocktail Mixology Parramatta Entree Food Mixology Lounge Parramatta Salad

We followed up our entrée with a shot of Peach Tree Punch. I was expecting this to be a strong hit of alcohol, but it was surprisingly sweet and creamy. It’s a delicious, fruity fusion of vanilla rum, peach schnapps, mango puree, coconut and cinnamon, topped off with a slice of frozen peach. This was one of my favourites of the night as it tasted like a Weiss Bar!

Mixology Lounge Parramatta Cocktail Western Sydney Mixology Peach Tree Shot Parramatta Mixology Water Parramatta

The Burnt Pineapple Meringue was next which was both delicious and theatrical. The citrus liqueur, tequila, lime juice and pineapple juice was topped off with a tequila foam which was blow torched at our table; an exciting show stopper. This was the cue for our main meal. It saw it as a twist on a classic lamb roast. A skewer of slow cooked, orange marinated lamb with green beans wrapped in bacon, wedges of potato with sour cream and a beetroot tortilla chip garnish. The hearty main was just what was needed before we continued to sip on more cocktails.

Mixology Pineapple Cocktail Parramatta Mixology Pineapple Lounge Parramatta

Mixology Cocktail Parramatta Fruity Mixology Dinner Menu Lunch Food Parramatta Cocktail

The next piece of magic to impress with its taste, looks and scent was the Smoked Boulevardier. This cocktail was made of purely spirits - campari, chivas regal and vermouth. They were then smoked with a hand held smoker which used hickory chips before both the smoke and liquor was mesmerizingly poured into individual glasses. 

Mixology Smoke Cocktail Parramatta Western Sydney Mixology Cocktail Western Sydney Parramatta Mixology Lounge Parramatta Cocktail Bar Western Sydney

We can’t remember what the next cocktail was called (can you blame us?) but it was a pretty pink sorbet topped with frozen lychees. I’m a lychee lover so this was right up my alley. It accompanied our dessert which was another extraordinary display of kitchen wizardry – liquid nitrogen frozen meringues. Made in front of us so we could eat straight away, the meringues were accompanied by a sesame seed chip, pistachio crumbs and a citrus sauce.

Mixology Western Sydney Cocktail Bar Parramatta Mixology Parramatta Cocktail

Mixology Dessert Menu Parramatta Cocktail Mixology Dessert Cocktail Menu Parramatta

Mixology Dessert Menu Cocktail Western Sydney

We concluded the night with a Complicated Mexican – a margarita without tequila. Instead, it’s made with house made chipotle vodka combined with chilli powder and fruit juices, served in a glass rimmed with chilli candy. The subtle burn from the chilli does not over power the overall flavour of this drink which was enjoyed by all.

Mixology Chilli Cocktail Western Sydney Parramatta Mixology Chilli Parramatta Cocktail Western Sydney Mixology Lounge Parramatta Cocktail

Mixology Lounge takes cocktails to a whole new level, providing an exciting sensory experience with its focus on taste, texture, scent and sight.  Almost any drink can be had as a punch, shot or sorbet. The drinks have been perfectly balanced by the incredibly passionate and talented bar staff are always inventing new combinations.

Now it’s time for me to go get ready as it is Saturday night and I’ve found my new drinking hole.


Ammendment:  Mixology Lounge has closed.



Our drinks and dinner were compliments of Mixology Lounge. The views expressed in this post are our own.

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#2 Sharon TWSFB 2014-10-26 03:21
Quoting Corinne:
Great post - the drinks here look amazing! It's so good to see so many quality establishments popping up around Western Sydney lately.

Please also have a look at our Western Sydney lifestyle blog wherethewestthingsare@blogspot.com. We'd love some feed back :)

The drinks were amazing Corrine! As you know, Western Sydney is just getting better and better.
#1 Corinne 2014-10-23 01:12
Great post - the drinks here look amazing! It's so good to see so many quality establishments popping up around Western Sydney lately.

Please also have a look at our Western Sydney lifestyle blog wherethewestthingsare@blogspot.com. We'd love some feed back :)

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