From the gorgeous, patterned slate tiles, to the delicately painted roses on the chairs, the soft finishing touches that adorn Bau Truong are what culminate to create the warm, inviting atmosphere of Mounties brand spanking new Vietnamese eating spot. But it’s not just the elegant interiors that make Bau Truong at Mounties worth visiting. The food is quite frankly, phenomenal. Though this is no surprise as it is the fourth restaurant for a family business that has been trading across Sydney for more than 20 years.

Bau Truong Mounties Mt Pritchard Bau Truong Mounties Mount Pritchard Vietnamese Bau Truong Mount Pritchard Mounties

Bau Truong Rose Chair Beautiful Mounties Mount Pritchard Bau Truong Mounties Pretty Bau Truong Gorgeous Tiles Mount Pritchard Vietnamese Mounties

We started our meal with taro and pork spring rolls. Skilfully wrapped with rice paper rather than the typically used Chinese pastry, the spring rolls are beautifully crispy and bubbly. A real craft, as although it is a traditional Vietnamese method, it can be very difficult to achieve. These are eaten with lettuce, mint and a dipping sauce. Delicious!

Spring Roll Bau Truong Vietnamese Western Sydney Mounties Bau Truong Mounties Mount Pritchard Western Sydney Vietnamese

A refreshing squid and bamboo shoot salad is next. This is another unique inclusion on Bau Truong’s Mounties’ menu. Although abundant and extremely popular in Vietnam and Taiwan, bamboo shoots can be difficult to source. It’s worth the effort though, as they are full of flavour and imperative to the dish. It’s served with prawn crackers that make a sizzling sound when topped with the balanced salad, which is a real delight to eat.

Squid Salad Vietnamese Western Sydney Bau Truong Prawn Cracker Squid Salad Baut Truong Canley Vale Cabramatta Marickville Mounties

Bau Truong is highly regarded for its grilled meats, so we couldn’t go past trying a few skewers. Big, sweet, juicy prawns with basil-chilli sauce and pork marinaded in garlic-lemongrass sauce were our pick. Both were evenly grilled, tender and perfectly charred giving the skewers a slightly smoky flavour. They are so delectable, especially when eaten with the accompanying cucumber and pickled carrots and daikon.

Bau Truong Grill Prawns Delicious Food Western Sydney Vietnamese Bau Truong Pork So Good Food Sydney Mounties

Next up, we tried the spiced, slow cooked venison with rice paddy herbs. This is another wonderfully balanced dish with the additional textural element of spoon shaped, char grilled sesame rice crackers. The flavours and crunchy crackers are absolutely addictive.

Bau Truong Venison Vietnamese Sydney Mount Pritchard Mounties Cheap Eats Bau Truong Entree Vietnamese Mounties Sydney

Pho is one of our favourite foods so we just had to try Bau Truong’s version. They have a few different types on offer but we just went with the original beef pho. The flavoursome broth and luscious noodles do not disappoint. We could seriously eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Pho Vietnamese Beef Canley Vale Cabramatta Mount Pritchard Beautiful Red Bowl Pho Vietnamese Food Sydney Vietnamese Pho Mounties Mount Pritchard Bau Truong

We couldn’t leave Bau Truong without trying their desserts. We had an avocado shake which is thick, creamy and sweet, but still allows the subtle flavour of the avocado to shine through. We also tried the grilled banana with coconut sauce. Admittedly we were a little hesitant to try it at first as Vietnamese desserts tend to have a salty flavour to them and it’s not the prettiest looking dish, but it is incredible. The bananas are chargrilled in their skins, before being peeled and topped with a rich sauce of condensed milk, pandan, coconut and pearls of sago. The slightly salted, sweet dessert is the perfect finish to an incredible meal.

Avocado Shake Bau Truong Vietnamese Cabramatta Canley Vale Mounties Grilled Banana Delicious Dessert Vietnamese Bau Truong Sydney

Bau Truong has certainly hit the nail on the head when it comes to flavour balance and textures. Whether your palate is more accustom to eastern or western flavours, the menu has options to suit everyone – you may even want to try something completely new like we did! We can’t wait to revisit Bau Truong at Mounties with our whole family.

Bau Truong Mounties Sydney Bau Truong Mounties Sydney Interior Design Resturant Bau Truong Vietnamese Sydney

Location: Mounties 101 Meadows Road, Mount Pritchard 2170
Phone: 9822 3555
Hours: Everyday from 11am
Price: $9 to $20

Disclaimer: Our meal was compliments of Mounties. The views expressed in this post are our own.