We tend to visit Australia’s second oldest city, Parramatta, a fair bit. Not only is it so easy to get to, but it is of course renowned for its abundance of eateries. Another drawcard for Parra is one of my favourite places in Sydney, Parramatta Park. The former home to the Governor of Sydney is so rich in history (if you haven’t done a tour of Old Government House, I highly recommend it!) and is also a great place to get a bite to eat. Parramatta Park Café is where we most recently dined while at the park.

Cafe Parramatta Park Western Sydney Water Cafe Parramatta Park Western Sydney River Coffee Cafe Parramatta Park Western Sydney 

Parramatta Park Café is a very casual dining spot, but the service and view are both awesome. Located amongst the trees and right near the water, you can relax outside sipping on a coffee or a cold, refreshing pomegranate drink like me and my Nan did. Nan savoured some scones while I tucked into tomato, basil and avocado on toast with a poached egg. It was a fresh, simple and delicious brunch.

Pomegranate Cafe Parramatta Park Western Sydney Cafe Parramatta Park Western Sydney Scones brunch Cafe Parramatta Park Western Sydney

Being a café in the middle of parkland, there were lots of birds flying about. The beautiful lorikeets certainly weren’t shy and happily looked for leftovers on vacant tables, much to the entertainment of diners.

Lorikeet Cafe Parramatta Park Western Sydney

It’s well worth visiting this Parra café, especially on a nice, sunny day. 

Location: Byrnes Ave, Parramatta Park, Parramatta 2150
Phone: 9630 0144
Open: 8am to 3pm daily
Price: Breakfast and lunch dishes range from $4.50 to $18

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