Mr 10 celebrated a special birthday last weekend finally reaching double digits. To mark the occasion we invited several of his best mates out for a rip roaring Saturday afternoon of bowling and laser tag fun. The centrepiece of every birthday party is always the cake. By last Thursday I still didn’t have a cake planned for Mr 10’s bowling birthday. It became a bit of a challenge to create something with a bit of wow factor, when I didn’t have the time to bake.

Over ther past several years I have enthusiastically created countless birthday cakes for family and friends. Two things I have learnt, kids will love a twenty dollar cake as much as a two hundred dollar cake, and they often just eat the icing. With that in mind, I decided not to stress too much.

23 Zen Hoot

Alice18 cakes Alice21

The local party shop had the inspiration I needed to get my "cake" underway. I just popped in to buy lolly bags but on seeing the large  array of dessert cups and colourful sweets available, I decided I didn’t have to bake a cake at all. I could make a tower of treats, and not even have to turn on the oven. I filled my basket with Zappos, lollipops, trollies, sourworms and exploding candy, the plan was to use my three tier acrylic cake stand to put the display together.

lollies cakestand 

The bottom tier held gelato cups filled with a colourful assortment of funky lollies. These were assembled at the venue and placed into cellophane bags when the party finished. The kids took one home each, as their lolly bag.

Gelato lolly cups Gelato partycups

The middle tier was filled with white chocolate crackles, you have to admit, it's not a kids party unless there's plenty of yummy chocolate crackles. These crackles were jazzed up with brightly coloured rainbow nerds, and topped with a sour worm. These were  as much fun to make as they were to eat. I have included the recipe at the end of the post.

choccrackle crackles1  

The top cake was the grand finale on this tower of temptation, a wild exploding candy cake. I could not get my hands on a foam cake dummy so I just used a straight sided round cake tin as a fake cake base. The space inside the cake tin was filled with foam and foil. The foam was required to poke in wired candies later on. When the cake tin was ready to decorate I placed it in the freezer to chill. Using melted white chocolate as glue, I secured packets of exploding candy around the chilled tin. Chilling the tin seemed to help the chocolate glue set faster. ( I did think of using a couple of rows of double sided tape to hold the packs on but I couldn't find any at home.)

candy cake candy cake wires

A bright contrasting ribbon was then tied in place for decoration, and to keep the packs in place. The top of the cake was covered with leftover packs of lollies. Some of the lolly packets, sour worms and gummy bears were threaded onto 22 gauge covered wires and poked into the foam to form the candy explosion. While I didn't think my cake looked overly professional, Mr 10 loved it and told me it was the cake of his dreams.

Mr10 exploding candy

The whole display ended up setting me back 65 dollars and only took a couple of hours to make (if that). With more planning I could have made it for a cheaper cost. Despite this I still thought the cost to make the candy cake was good value compared to buying (or making) a separate cake and lolly bags. I over bought on lollies, My husband claimed whatever the boys didn’t hide in their pockets, so thankfully there was no waste there!

stand2 party

The white chocolate crackles were a breeze to make, and delicious too. They only took five minutes!

Nerdy White Chocolate Crackles with Sour Worms

Makes 12 large crackles


4 cups rice bubbles

200grams White chocolate (Cadbury white melts work well)

1/4 cup rainbow nerds


To decorate:

extra rainbow nerds to sprinkle

12 sour worms

A little melted white chocolate


Place the rice bubbles and nerds into a large mixing bowl Melt the white chocolate in the microwave in twenty second bursts.

When melted pour the white chocolate into the mixing bowl and gently combine all the ingredients.



Divide evenly into 12 large cake cups.

To decorate sprinkle with extra rainbow nerds and top with sour worm. Placing a dab of melted white chocolate under your worm will help it stick in place.

Pop the crackles into the freezer for a minute or two, it will help them set.

white chocolate crackles