Our family loves curry! Its a great winter warmer. In this weather curry appears on our household menu a few times a week. I am always on the lookout for new curry recipes to try, the type that don’t come out of a jar. It was exciting to stumble across some blended spice mixes while shopping at Riverview produce in Richmond. They caught my eye because they were packed with love and care and not mass produced.  I picked up a packet of the curried sausage mix to try at home.


     C SpiceMix C BOOKLET

The curried sausages were a great success so I decided to contact the creators and see if I could order more. Over a few emails I found an amazing story behind their spice mixes. Connor's Kitchen was initiated a few years ago by a boy named Connor. Connor had a year 6 school project on enterprise to complete and a need to earn some pocket money. The two seemed to go hand in hand.


Conner kitchen spices C ccing Conner kitchen spices 

Connor is allergic some foods and additives. Due to his allergies, the family were already growing a range of their own produce without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers. They also lovingly grew herbs and gourmet leaves which they shared with friends. They were aware that fresh curry, kaffir lime and bay leaves were not readily available in their area. Knowing this, Connor realised he had an enterprising product ready to market. Under the guidance of his mum Megan, he was instantly able to grow his own business.

moroccan chicken Conner kitchen spices moroccan chicken moroccan chicken

Connors Kitchen was created, and he started selling his gourmet leaves through a local business. Megan, a passionate cook, developed a range of spice mixes to compliment the brand. Her family, like mine, love curries and generous serves of tasty home cooked meals. Megan needs to cook with Connors allergies in mind, therefore her spice blends are free from gluten, MSG, nuts, soy, dairy and preservatives.

Conner kitchen spices C siceinstruc 


C tikkac C tandoori 

Each little packet contains a recipe, the spices, and a shopping list to help you put together a tasty meal easily using loads of fresh ingredients. It’s a nice shortcut without compromise; you can still cook from scratch with these spices. The first spice mix Megan created was her nana’s curried sausage recipe, the range has now grown to 12 spice mixes. There are curries, casseroles, veggie rissole, taco and BBQ spices. We I have almost tried them all.

 Conner kitchen spices moroccan lamb C thai

Economical at $2.00 per packet, I purchase a dozen or more at a time for convenience. Most packets use a kilo of meat, this works well in my house as I can get two meals from each recipe. Some of the recipes go well in the slow cooker which allows me to organise a couple meals in advance. The majority of the recipes are freezer friendly, I have even taken them camping.

C kormain korma curry c korma

After cooking our way through most of the blends we have ticked off some favourites. These are the taco mix (a favourite with Mr 10) , Korma, Tandoori, BBQ Thai Chicken, Tikka Bqq, Moroccan and Chicken Curry. These are frequently cooked in my kitchen. If I am in the mood, I add my own tweak to the recipes. 

C tmcook  C tacosp tacos 

The Curried sausages are the biggest crowd pleaser at our house! Especially with Mr 10 who rates curry and rice as his favourite meal ever!


Curried Sausages


serves 6-8


 Curried sausages

1kg sausages            

2 beef stock cubes dissolved in 600mls hot water

50mls cooking oil            

2 onions-finely chopped  (we often add carrot and capsicum too)     

3 cloves garlic-chopped          

1 cup cooked frozen peas

¼ cup plain flour in 100mls water OR 2 heaped teaspoons corn flour for a gluten free alternative

1 packet AWESOME curried sausage spice mix



C Onionscooking C cs


1. In a large saucepan boil sausages. When cooked, drain and remove skin. Slice into 1cm pieces. Dry inside of saucepan.

2. Heat oil. Fry onion and garlic until brown, turn heat down and sprinkle awesome spice mix over onion and garlic. Stir until fragrant.

3. Add stock and stir well.

4. Mix flour and water into a thin paste (may need more water) and add to stock and spice mixture, stir fast. (No lumps!)  

5. Simmer sauce for 5 minutes, stirring constantly.

6. Stir in sliced sausage and peas

7. Pepper and salt to taste

8. Serve with boiled rice or mashed potato.

C Eating C Served


If you are in the Richmond area you can find Connors gourmet leaves and spices at Riverview Produce. Megan and Connor are also happy take email orders via the Conners Kitchen webpage. I love finding food creators like this that help make my life easier in the kitchen! I hope Conner got an A+ in that school project !