Multicultural Auburn is a food enthusiast’s dreamland! The eclectic array of cuisines and speciality stores that Auburn has on offer is unlike anywhere else. I visit Auburn very frequently and these are some the gems of Auburn I’ve come across:


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Valencia oranges   “The Summer Orange” are identifiable by a distinct green tinge to their skin. I often feel they are also the unwanted orange as unlike the more popular navals, they are not as easy to peel and segment into portions. For that reason I feel most fruit shoppers walk past them and wait for winter Navels. Valencia oranges are in fact quite special, and I would like to tell you why!


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I was given a Mad Millie Cheesemaker kit for my birthday last year which I finally got around to opening on the Australia Day long weekend. I’ve never made cheese before so thought I’d start with something simple – ricotta. Although you don’t need an incubator to make ricotta, the Mad Millie kit comes with the ricotta basket, cheesecloth and of course the recipe which is handy. 


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A few nights ago I fed the family a roast dinner with a difference. I’ve never cooked with pork neck before but found a great Asian inspired Donna Hay recipe for the infrequently used cut. At $24 from my local butcher the two kilo pork neck was big enough for 7-8 portions; however in my household of big eaters it stretched to about five.

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